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Evolve your brain Joe Dispenza Book

Evolve your brain

This Book to me has taken the connection between religion and science and presented it as one streamline connection that had never been severed, it is...

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Helping and Healing (Paperback)

An excellent self-help book written by a monk on of the many topics he had been researching: "How to help and heal with cabbage leaves and oliv...

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The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy J R R Tolkien Book

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

How can we NOT love this story. I love being taken out of my own world and put into such as different place the way this does....

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Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis Heart Infarction Cancer and Other Diseases (3rd Edition) (P

The famous German chemist, pharmacologist and physicist, food and CANCER researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig, also known as the "Flaxseed Lady", many times...

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New E for Additives: The Completely Revised Bestselling E Number Guide (Paperback)

I have had my book for several years already. I think since 1995, or so! This however is a revised edition that has new information about new additiv...

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The Buddha In Daily Life Richard Causton Book

The Buddha In Daily Life

Do you practice the buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin? I am pleasantly surprised! I have practiced this Buddhism since I was a 10 y/o child and my mom...

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The Breuss Cancer Cure: Advice for the Prevention and Natural Treatment of Cancer,Leukemia and Other

This book is like a SELF HELP GUIDE. Over 45.000 have been helped/cured already. It is written without all the medical jargon and is easily understoo...

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The pursuit of happyness Chris Gardner Book

The pursuit of happyness

really good reading ,,,,,a must to read a ll x...

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Pope Joan Donna Woolfolk Cross Book

Pope Joan

I've read another book on this subject and it could be possible that it's true. Of course this is a fictionalized account....

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Gormenghast Novels Mervyn Peake Book

Gormenghast Novels

I'm sorry. I think that I posted this in the wrong category. Should be in fantasy....

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Warhol The Biography Victor Brockis Book

Warhol: The Biography

Whoops, sorry people...the author's name is Victor Bockris....

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Ghost Rider Travels on the Healing Road Neil Peart Book

Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road

Who would've though that Rush drummer, Neil Peart, wrote this personal account on the loss of his family and his on the road journey of mourning and s...

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The Road Less Travelled M Scott Peck M D Book

The Road Less Travelled

Dr. Peck gives a detailed analysis of what love is as compared to what people think it is. It's one of the most enlightening books I've ever read on t...

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Angels and Demons Dan Brown Book

Angels and Demons

Man this book is awsome, i really enjoyed this book....

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Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities by Cherry Hill Book

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

has alot of usefull information for hobby farms...

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Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut Jr Book

Player Piano

A tale of how society can become our own making....

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Mort Terry Pratchett Book


Of all his books i found this one the funniest....

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The Thirty Nine Steps John Buchan Book

The Thirty-Nine Steps

a classic i love it ...the films the best ,,,,babsie...

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my bookie wook russell brand Book

my bookie wook

My brother works with Ron Brand, russels father. And i have it under good authority that alot of the book is "made for media" stories stretched to the...

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Angelas Ashes Frank McCourt Book

Angela's Ashes

One of those books that can make you laugh and cry within one chapter. A great read for those of us who like out novels intense and thought provoking....

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The Cure for All Diseases

An easy to understand handbook for the layman. Simple but effective methods are described to help yourself, out of various problems. - An US bestsel...

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Earth Radiation

This is the English translation of the best seller in German speaking countries about her research of over 14300 sleeping places in various countries...

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The Complete Guide to Food Allergies and Environmental Illness

Ever since I bought this book it is like a reference guide. I use it very often in my practice. It is well written (by one of UK's most fam...

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Watchers Dean Koontz Book


Watchers was the second Dean Koontz book ive read and to be honest its great but not even close to Koontz's Dragon Tears or Twilight Eyes....

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The Jump Martina Cole Book

The Jump..

all the books from Martina Cole are good reads ,always...

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The Accidental Tourist Anne Tyler Book

The Accidental Tourist

Wonderful book .. Slow paced, beautifully descriptive with great insight into relationships...

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Necroscope Brian Lumley Book


Lumley is a very good writer. I like the way he can draw you in with a single page....

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The house of doors Brian Lumley Book

The house of doors

Incredible read. Lumley is very descriptive and this book grabs you from page one. Every time a door is opened, I hold my breath for a moment, wonderi...

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Twilight Stephanie Meyer Book


i love that book waiting till i can read them all i got the movie and waiting for the next one to come out...

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act like a lady think like a man steve harvey Book

act like a lady think like a man

Kaya ,Let me know when you read the book and what chap. you like....

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The Kiss Danielle Steel Book

The Kiss

Such a sad but beautiful story. Have read it several times....

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Bravo Two Zero Andy McNab Book

Bravo Two Zero

One of the most compelling books i have ever read ... It was a Best-seller when published .. it's not the type of book i would usually read and i must...

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The Eagle has Landed Jack Higgins Book

The Eagle has Landed

World War 2 romp about a plot to kidnap Winston Churchill, fast paced and it also translated into a half decent film....

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The Asbo Fairy Tales Hans Christian Asbosen Book

The Asbo Fairy Tales

Some of the worlds best known fairy tales re done with a modern day twist, like Puss in boots robbing from the king to get a nice house, or little red...

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crossing Danielle Steel Book


I like this book cause you can feel the love of a man for his family. I liked alot the chapter where Armand had to send back to New York his wife a...

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Memoir from Antproof Case Mark Helprin Book

Memoir from Antproof Case

This story offers a fascinating and very sympathetic view into the mind of a somewhat neurotic narrator....

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A Soldier of the Great War Mark Helprin Book

A Soldier of the Great War

Great story, partly about traveling, growing up, and experiencing life....

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Winters Tale Mark Helprin Book

Winter's Tale

I cannot describe this book. Merely shelving it as a fantasy or a science fiction story does not do it justice at all. Read this novel, but be pre...

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Dune Frank Herbert Book


Really enjoyable science fiction classic....

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The Secret Rhonda Burn Book

The Secret

This is a great book but really it does not tell 'The Secret'. I came across a book that has recently been published called Knowing the Secret- Author...

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The painter of battles Arturo Perez Reverte Book

The painter of battles

Haven`t read this book in particular, but several of his historical novels, which are well written and show knowledge of the times. I haven`t read a...

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Trinity Leon Uris Book


Very well said! It`s a real page-turner. Just couldn`t put it down. Highly recommended....

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