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Great Dates: 5 Key Criteria to Choosing the Best Free Dating Website

A decade ago, most people thought that online dating was a last attempt for the lonely and desperate. Today, an increasing number of online users accept online dating as socially acceptable. In 2019, the user penetration of online dating was 4.6%.

Experts project that by 2023, it will hit 5.2%. Worldwide, 41% of online singles use an online dating site or apps. Of these, 65% are men while 35% are women.

Finding the best free dating website online is a daunting task. The reason for this is that you have a lot of options to consider. A vast majority of people opt for time tested and reliable platforms instead of a new dating website.

To help you find the best dating site, we have compiled 5 key factors to consider.

1. Check Membership Numbers

How many members have signed up? How many are active? As a single person looking for love online, always check the membership numbers.

How do you go about this? A vast majority of online dating sites may display useful statistics such as the number of members. They can go further and segment the members by country, gender, and age.

If the best free online dating website has yet to do this, try another strategy. That means browsing the internet for reviews.

Today, there are hundreds of reviews posted by professional bloggers online. Thanks to their in-depth research, they have found out an estimate of the site's membership. To find these reviews, try the following keywords -

  • Best dating website reviews
  • Best free dating website in New York reviews and others

If the dating website has more than 1.0 million active users, then your chances of meeting the one are high.

2. Presence of Photo Badges

To attract members, dating sites display photos of popular members on the front page. Before displaying these photos, they will have guidelines that members need to follow.

These guidelines are enforced by a team of full-time moderators. Before the approval of your profile, the moderators will need the photos or videos to meet certain standards. For instance, a vast majority of dating sites allow flirty photos and videos but do not allow nudity.

Thanks to these guidelines, the dating website remains clean and family friendly.

There are websites which will assign a verified photo with a badge to show other members that they are a real deal. In this case, you will find that the identity of the member is verified. For instance, the member may have submitted copies of his ID, driving license or a selfie video.

No sunglasses or masks. If the profiles hacve verified photo badges, go ahead and sign up.

3. AI or Algorithm Based Matching System

In the past, online dating was based around Hollywood romances. Actually, it is quite like online shopping today. All you had to do was sign up, and conduct a quick search for active members in your area. Then, select a profile that matches your dream guy or girl and you are done.

Thanks to technology such as AI and algorithms, things have changed. Unlike the rating systems which helped you narrow down your search to find your soulmate. AI and algorithms are learning from the users' preferences.

They work by gathering data on users and how they interact with the platform. To provide the perfect matches, the system carries out many calculations. For instance, if the user is looking for people with tattoos, the system will display profiles with tattoos.

Thanks to AI and algorithms, you don't have to spend hours in front of the screen searching for profiles. The AI matchmaking system updates your feed with new profiles.

Want to speed up your search for your dream date? Find the best free dating website with an AI or algorithm based matchmaking system.

4. Choose the Best Free Dating Website That Enhances User Privacy

Ever wondered how much information online dating sites collect from you. Let me give you a hint. Your name, address, city, country, phone number, and email address. If you are using a mobile app, they access your GPS information, WiFi information, and contacts.

This seems rather invasive but it helps the AI based matchmaking system help you find your dream date. The good news is that there is a workaround. That workaround is in the terms and conditions of the top dating website in Dublin.

In the terms and conditions, you have a clause on data handling and privacy of the user. Read the clause to learn how the online dating company handles your data.

What types of information do they collect from users? Does the company share your information with third parties without informing users? How is your information handled in case of a data breach?

Does the company allow members to disable and delete their account? Does the company delete the user's data after closing your account? If you are an EU citizen, does the company comply with GDPR?

If the dating company protects its member's data, go ahead and sign up.

5. Must Have Smart Scam Screens in Place

When Sir Tim Berners Lee created the internet, he wanted to improve information sharing. Sadly, a few creeps emerged. Today, you have scammers in almost all industries. Be it dating, stock trading, CBD products, and cryptocurrency, they are present everywhere.

In online dating, scammers download photos from social media and even dating platforms. They create convincing profiles to attract members. Once they have a profile, they start scamming people.

One way they do so is by creating a sob story. For instance, the scammer will contact you and inform you that he or she is stranded in a foreign country. In some circumstances, the story may be about a family emergency.

They will tell you that they have millions locked away in some bank. Also, they can't access it because the account belongs to the family member in need of medical emergency. If you send them money, they will refund double or triple the amount once the member is well and able to access his bank account.

Don't fall for such stories. Simply block such profiles. What you need to know is that reputable dating sites have scam screens. They work by detecting fake profiles and send alerts to moderators.

Problem is, scammers are crafty and every day, they come up with new ways to scam people. Thanks to AI fused scam screens, they are now finding it difficult to scam members on dating sites.

Choosing the Best Free Dating Website to Find Your Dream Date

The best free dating website should have 1 million+ active members, and smart scam screens. It should also enhance users privacy, verify users and invest in an AI fused matchmaking system. When you match with your date, meet in a public place, and use the buddy system as a backup.

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