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How to Find Love: Tips to Help You (Finally!) Find the Right Person

The right person is out there for you. A part of you knows it's true. Perhaps you're feeling discouraged after a bad break-up or struggling to find anyone at all.

We've all been there. And you're not alone. 45% of Americans are single.

If you're struggling to find love, it has less to do with your character and more to do with your dating skills. Want to know how to find love? These six dating tips can lead you to the person of your dreams.

1. What Are You Searching For?

You need to know which qualities you want in your perfect partner. Are they creative and caring? Attractive and professional?

By dating without clear preferences in mind, you're setting yourself up for disaster. You can never take charge of your relationships if your partners have to discover what you're looking for.

When you know what you want, you can clearly communicate your desires to your potential partner. Not only will you appear more confident and attractive, but it also speeds along the dating process by quickly weeding out bad matches.

2. How to Find Love? Stop Looking for It

Don't make dating your priority. Too many people become consumed by a desire to find a relationship. It dominates their headspace, creates anxiety, and makes them more likely to settle on partners they aren't truly interested in.

True love is natural. It isn't forced or hurried along. Trying to make a relationship happen is a great way to ensure it never does.

Instead, remember that there are some good things about being single. Take advantage of the freedom to do as you please, without relying on someone else. This positive energy will make you happier and provide for healthier relationships in the future.

To find true love, simply live your life. Do things you love. Are you into hiking or rollerblading?

This gets you around people with similar interests. Plus, a shared common interest is a great jumping off point for easy conversation.

3. Be Open to Anyone

There's a stigma around being desperate, but there's nothing desperate about giving unlikely people a chance. Not everyone makes great first impressions. You can think of plenty of examples where you embarrassed yourself when you first met someone.

Perhaps you're using an online dating service and you aren't impressed by their profile. But a profile doesn't tell the whole story. Consider chatting them up a bit and learning more about them.

Likewise, maybe your rock climbing partner asks you out on a date. Even if you're lukewarm to the proposition, you might learn something that changes your opinion of them.

So long as you don't notice any red flags and you're open to the possibility, you have nothing to lose. At the very least, you'll likely gain a new friend.

4. Rejection Is a Part of Dating

Finding the right person means being rejected by those who aren't. There's no mantra or secret remedy that removes the fear of rejection. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved.

But sometimes it isn't meant to be. Realize that rejection is a normal part of the process. As scary and harming as rejection may be, it's better than the alternative of never dating at all.

Don't take it personally. One person wasn't interested in you. So what?

Think about why you've rejected people in the past. It usually has nothing to do with their character. You just knew they weren't a good fit, and sometimes people will think the same of you.

That said, learn from your mistakes. If you think you were rejected because you came on too strong or talked about things that made people uncomfortable, these are improvements you can make in the future. Remember: Dating is a skill.

5. Sincerity Is Key

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Can you really find the person of your dreams if you change your personality or are afraid to speak your mind? You can't live the rest of your life pretending to be someone else.

If someone says something that makes you uncomfortable, let them know. Likewise, if you think your date has a cute smile, you should tell them!

The number one dating mistake is bottling yourself up, refusing to show your personality until you're several dates deep. Be true to yourself and your feelings.

The love of your life will cherish your inner personality -- they don't need time to warm up to it.

6. Make Yourself Available

Since you probably won't bump into the right person immediately, you'll be going through a lot of people. You'll have an easier time searching through them when you have many potential partners to choose from.

Online dating sites have surged in popularity because you can find tens of thousands of potential matches and tailor your searches to fit your ideal partner. Dating sites get an unfair rap for being a place for quick hookups.

But actually, couples who meet on online dating sites actually get married faster than those who don't. If you've never used an online dating service before, why not register with Connecting Singles? It's 100% free.

Of course, traditional dating still has a place. You can't tell if you've found that perfect someone until you actually meet them in person. And even when you're feeling discouraged, be available to partners and potential dates.

It's a great way to gauge if they can brighten your day.

Need More Dating Help?

You'll continue to learn how to find love with some tricks of your own. But these tips are certain to give you a strong foundation that maximizes your chance of success. The right person is out there.

Remember to be patient, be yourself, and have a great time! Dating should be fun, not formal.

Looking for more dating advice? Use one of these fun date ideas to make your next outing one to remember.

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