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Did You Make the First Move? 10 First Date Ideas for Irresistible Fun

Congratulations – you've scored that elusive first date!

The hardest part is over but remember – a lot rests on that very first date.

Whilst many opt for the simple coffee date or a drink at a local bar, we dare say it's getting a little... well, stale and unimaginative. Plus, a coffee meet screams 'networking' – not the impression you want to give to your date!

Whilst you don't want to go overboard on a first date (maybe avoid booking that helicopter ride just yet), there are plenty of options that are relaxed but still show you've put in the effort.

Ready to shine and nab that second date? Check out our first date ideas that are sure to impress.

1. Explore A Museum

Visiting a museum or two together offers you both the chance to make casual small talk without piling on the pressure of constant conversation that a bar or coffee shop presents.

Kill any awkward silences with chatter on the beautiful sculptures, artwork, and artifacts that surround you. Plus, it's a great way to see if you match when it comes to enjoying the finer things in life!

If things are going well, most museums have a small café inside so you can end up grabbing that cappuccino if you must. Sigh.

2. Twirl Together on an Ice-Rink

It may be a cliché wintertime date, but who cares? Ice-skating is a tried and tested date that works. The twinkling fairy-lights, the cozy clothing you'll be wrapped up wearing and the sparkling ice is bound to set the scene for an atmospheric first date.

It's fun, cute and energetic and you'll be so focused on avoiding falling flat on your face to worry about any first-date nerves.

3. Laugh Out Loud at A Comedy Show

Instead of opting for the tired dinner and drinks combo, why not grab a cocktail and head to a comedy show? Having a drink before the show will allow you to get acquainted with your hot new date and have a little light chat ahead of the show.

You'll find that creasing with laughter together is a sure-fire way to break the ice and build a bond quickly. Let's just hope you guys appreciate the same sense of humor!

Even if the show isn't side-splitting, at least you'll still have lots to talk about – such as laughing at how BAD the jokes were!

4. Listen to Jazz Music

Channel the gorgeous couple that is Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land and take your date to an atmospheric jazz club to set the mood

Most cities have one, and the setting will be a whole lot more romantic than your typical boozy bar.

Grab an Old Fashioned and get a little tipsy listening to enchanting live music in a dimly lit, moody underground bar. Oh, we can just picture it...

5. Chuck Some Bowls

With the oversized bowling shoes, catchy tunes and diner-esque grub, going bowling is a little goofy and childish. But that makes it the perfect first date to have a laugh and break the ice!

Who knows, maybe it will even be love at first strike?

6. Watch A Movie Alfresco

We admit that watching a movie in an indoor cinema generally isn't ideal for a first date, as it's difficult to have a conversation when you're glued to the latest blockbuster in a busy room.

However, in the summertime, many cities set up alfresco cinemas in parks and other outdoor areas, which is far more relaxed. Nobody will mind a bit of chitter chatter!

Grab the popcorn and perhaps you'll even pluck up the courage to snuggle up when that balmy evening summer chill hits – ooh la la!

A drive-in is another fab movie option. It's a lot more private so you can get chatting about all your favorite scenes – even during the movie!

7. Enjoy A Beach Day

Who doesn't love a beach date? If you have access to a beach, use it!

In the summertime, frolic with your date in the water, cool down with an ice-cream or take a leisurely bike ride down the promenade.

Not too warm? No worries, a beachside stroll makes for an ideal first date during any season. Grab some fish n' chips to share and warm up as you watch the wild waves together.

8. Attend A Sporting Event

Do you both adore sports? Then heading to a big (or small) game is one of the best first date ideas.

There's plenty going on, so avoiding any awkward silences is easy. Plus, if you do hit it off and want to chat non-stop, that's fine too.

Cheering opposite teams? Well, you know what they say – opposites attract and all!

9. Put Together a Park Picnic

If the weather is nice, there's nothing better than an outdoor picnic in a pretty park. Stock up with yummy cheese, crispy crackers, fresh fruit, and full-bodied wine and you're all set! Who needs dinner in a fancy restaurant anyway?

If you have access to a botanical garden, that can be a great option. The tropical plants, calming ponds, and exotic fountains make for a stunning summer date setting.

If you have the time, why not take a bicycle ride around the park before or after your picnic?

10. Rock Out at a Music Festival or Concert

As Madonna says, music makes the people come together!

You'll be surprised how many music festivals and concerts are held in cities, especially during the summertime. As well as rockin' tunes, they usually feature scrumptious street food, funfair rides, and shopping stalls so you can make a day of it if it's going well.

Unless you both share the same taste in music, it might be best to start off with something mellow. Make sure to choose an artist that you can move and sway to – the point of this date is to let loose and have fun together.

Fun First Date Ideas

With our fun first date ideas you're sure to impress – and land that second date!

And if you need some extra tips and confidence on how to charm your date, check out our first date dos and don'ts.

And hey, even if the date turns out to be a dud or you have nothing in common – at least you did something fun right?

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