Let's play 20 questions - 5.... Quiz

created by FunnyROMANTIX on Sep 201254 yrs old, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Profile Deleted Jan 5, 2015
MadBushpig Havana, Greater La Havana CubaNov 12, 2013
... 66% ... Oh well I suppose that's better than a kick in the batteries ...banana
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Profile Deleted Mar 28, 2013
Only 75% :P
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Profile Deleted Jan 14, 2013
very pretty but to far away
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Profile Deleted Sep 17, 2012
i started with 56% and then i took again and got 68% yay loldevil
FunnyROMANTIXOP Calgary, Alberta CanadaSep 17, 2012
Took this quiz myself to find out (depending on some of your answers of course) the minimum compatibility RESULTS I'm looking for here.
If at first you don't succeed.... cheering cheering cheering

P.S.: This only covers certain topicsangel

With due dilligence I'm sure you'll find my other
(more intimate) lips quiz.
Good Luck!!! confused ???
kiss Besides strip scrabble, THIS is my way of......
"PLAYING GAMES". Your turn....I'm waiting....
angel devil angel wink heart beating lips blushing blushing blushing

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