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RE: Are you my Mr.Right?

You had the same question in your quiz twice. frustrated

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RE: Are You The One For Me?

i got 88% as a result but Unfortunately u blocking the area i'm in

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RE: Do we match?

a?t? ?e? ?a? e?? µ?p?? ta???a???µe ?????a ?a??µe?a s??sad flower cheers

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RE: I don't wish to sound cliché, but: would we connect?

I would like to select other answers for some questions as well more answers at same time.

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RE: Let´s see ... Do you exist...?

doh Did not realise this quiz was about matching with another woman rolling on the floor laughing

blushing moping

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If you dont get it 100% right, dont bother to mail me.

Hi there and welcome to my quiz! Dont take the headline too seriously.... :D
This test is about who you really are, so be honest! Its the only way to get 100%.
Im not an ordinary woman so the answer you believe its the right one may not be it.
At least I think you will have some fun :D
Good luck!cheering

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RE: Jbell48 Compatibility Quiz

Hi Jbell48,

Really enjoyed your quiz, I scored 83% shame I do not meet your profile matches in so many ways :)

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RE: How long should it take to have sex after meeting?

I prefer first date sex,compatability with me starts in the bedrm.

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RE: Why majority of people are not honest n true on this dating site?

vivek19324: The answer to this question is obvious... People aren't honest or true in general. Why should they be any different on this site?peace

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RE: LadyFarmer Compat Quiz

wooow 80percent pass with disctinctionsapplause

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RE: How long should it take to have sex after meeting?

78 percent of compatibilty what a great distiction.....

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RE: Are you the one><

Hello coco
Is my score sufficient enough to get your attention

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RE: Go on for the craic :p

They were fantastic questions
I got a 42% result and it is a bit wonderful and worth trying with
I am happy with that

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Grump compatability test.

Then we are already good friends!

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RE: Grump compatability test.

That was a funny one! Loved the Dr. Who Question, cause I DO LOVE Dr. Who. head banger

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RE: Dating me

How come none of the gentlemen on here have commented how beautiful Pinky8 is yet?

And where are all the flirtatious comments from the men scoring 100%? Something along the lines of "100%! Pick me! Pick me!"

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10 raised to the power of 10 (well 2 actually)

Thank-you discobiscuit for being the first person in nearly 2 years to do my quiz.cheering

I only need another 207 people to take this quiz to over-take justdave11 and become the most taken compability quiz created by a man on this site.

At this rate I'll get there by the Year 2432. Woohoo!!

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Grump compatability test.

Guess 20 questions is longer than many people want. mumbling

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RE: You never know, we might be perfect lol

I scored 41% when I was trying to pick the answers that would get me 0%. Sorry about that.

BTW congratulations on being the man with the most taken Compatability Quiz on this website.

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RE: Are we destined to be?(:

Did score pretty good but unfortunately, I am outside of your age range. Can I change your mind?

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RE: DiscoBiscuit Compatibility Quiz

HI there ,,it's nice clever quiz,,,funny but I like the idea,,,,you most be a different woman ;)))
Anyway I enjoyed,,,,happy Valentine's Day ??

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RE: Do You Have The Right Stuff?

No way interested in ratheon1, but wanted to see how I did no the test. Must be on the right track based on score.

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