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RE: Are you the one for me?

Very interesting and thorough quiz, great mix of questions

RE: Are you the guy.. Ive been looking for??

68The test score is 68, but is the return compatible and we are in one spirit?

RE: Are You The One

Hi how are you, is it possible to chat with you

RE: Iz you iz or iz you ain’t

Cool quiz, Jean! wave Nice profile, as well! peace I almost got those all correct, actually! professor Could’ve gone either way on a few of them!? confused scold tongue head banger

RE: Would you stay?

Emotional disorder?Theres some gray area.Can not' and will not' deal with another malignant narcissistic.

RE: Compatiblity..

heart beating I am proud of my compatibility with every person who is respectful, kind, and loves the good of everyone

RE: How compatible are we?

Good evening i scored 56%, what do you think? Im wondering, are you able to see my quiz? :confused

RE: Are we compatible.?!

hi how are you doing
I'm Gharieb from Egypt and I'm living in Abu Dhabi
I'm 47 yr
I like this test and I got 76% of the test results and now after that can I contact you to be friends

RE: Lets see :)

As a whole, everything is good

RE: Would you stay?

I'm Just Trying To Find A Long Term Relationship Eventually I Hope

RE: Would you stay?

Pretty Cool Never Did That Before .

RE: Think you can handle the texas breeze?

I liked the test. My score is 94, with all due respect to the other opinionheart wings

Find out if we are a good fit

Wow! I took my own quiz and was a 100% match with myself! Awesome! dance danceline gotta go thumbs up

RE: honesty....!!!!

If u see question marks phone messing around guys??

RE: would we match

It's kind of funny but yet interesting. Mind game loved it.

RE: I'm tired of worthless women let's see if you can escape that category.

Not only an incel.
A theoretician.
I think we can expect great things from this one someday.

RE: Are you the one?

I got 88, I hope that works for you

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