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RE: Are you my Mr Right?

Aww I got 78...hope I will get lucky all aroundheart beating

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RE: I'm as sweet as my cakes!!!

That's right.
You are a good looking woman. I have always wanted to meet a woman like you. I am now disabled by an illness which does not make things easier now. Take care of you.


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RE: Ready?To Be Amazed!

Your quiz gave me 49%, as an optimistic that's better than 48% eh? ^^

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RE: Are you sincere with me.

oo bhai apna number na doo maharbani ho gii
nahi tu edar hi a jaoo malta fir jis jis ko number dayna hay day layna
ya loog aysay number daynay ko acha nahi samjty
ap loog aysay kay kaam kartay hoo aur bughatna hum ko pharta hay jo edar raah rahy hotay hian
so mayray pyray bhai meharbani farma kar aindah gurayz karna shukriya, maharbani
ya sub mian angrayzi mian bi likh saktka tha but nahi likha,agli baat ap samj hi sakty hoo kiyo nahi likha
thx bro, hope you understand

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RE: Do we match?

Hi, friends, I found this site very interesting.
Thanks. Hope to find a match.

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RE: Are you my type?

Hmmmm I guess I am still a kid for getting an 81% Ah the youthful propensity towards naivety s*xual freedom!!! banana If only I were 20 something again knowing what I know now.

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RE: are you my Romeo, im sweeter then honey.

Dear!Goodafternoön.The most important thing of your Quizz is that it is designed in the most simple way.The questiöns are simple but carry deep meanings.The Quiz is not complicated&nor boring.Also another factor is that its not time consuming.Stay blessed lady. Your Quiz is also sweat&sweet.

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RE: Are you my type?

This quiz was just to see what the quiz section was about. Guess I felt safe and wouldn't be scrutized too terribly in a quiz there was absolutely no chance with the author. You are a very pretty girl though. Get away from the computer and go meet some boys!

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I was a little surprised it said 100%

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RE: The "Can you make it through this test?" test.

Very amusing had 100% but no match because I'm not in China etc

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RE: Are you my Mr.Right?

You had the same question in your quiz twice. frustrated

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RE: Are You The One For Me?

i got 88% as a result but Unfortunately u blocking the area i'm in

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RE: Do we match?

a?t? ?e? ?a? e?? µ?p?? ta???a???µe ?????a ?a??µe?a s??sad flower cheers

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RE: I don't wish to sound cliché, but: would we connect?

I would like to select other answers for some questions as well more answers at same time.

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RE: Let´s see ... Do you exist...?

doh Did not realise this quiz was about matching with another woman rolling on the floor laughing

blushing moping

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If you dont get it 100% right, dont bother to mail me.

Hi there and welcome to my quiz! Dont take the headline too seriously.... :D
This test is about who you really are, so be honest! Its the only way to get 100%.
Im not an ordinary woman so the answer you believe its the right one may not be it.
At least I think you will have some fun :D
Good luck!cheering

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RE: Jbell48 Compatibility Quiz

Hi Jbell48,

Really enjoyed your quiz, I scored 83% shame I do not meet your profile matches in so many ways :)

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RE: How long should it take to have sex after meeting?

I prefer first date sex,compatability with me starts in the bedrm.

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RE: Why majority of people are not honest n true on this dating site?

vivek19324: The answer to this question is obvious... People aren't honest or true in general. Why should they be any different on this site?peace

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RE: LadyFarmer Compat Quiz

wooow 80percent pass with disctinctionsapplause

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RE: How long should it take to have sex after meeting?

78 percent of compatibilty what a great distiction.....

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RE: Are you the one><

Hello coco
Is my score sufficient enough to get your attention

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RE: Go on for the craic :p

They were fantastic questions
I got a 42% result and it is a bit wonderful and worth trying with
I am happy with that

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Grump compatability test.

Then we are already good friends!

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