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Squishhhhug Bestie Quiz

created by Squishhhhug on May 201452 yrs old, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Take this quiz to find out how compatible you are with Squishhhhug.
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1. What would you want for every person on Earth ??
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2. What would you sacrifice so that all people in the world were treated equally ???
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3. What would you do, if what you thought was a very good friend , betrayed or deceived you in a certain way ???
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4. What would you do , if the entire planet's electricity grid went { klapoof } , and projected repair could take years ???
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5. If you were a 45 year old celebrity , should you be able to date anyone of legal age you wanted to ???

Stats for this Quiz

9 Times Taken
5 Questions
Created: May 2014
Last Viewed: Jun 18
Last Taken: Jul 2015


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