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Walking hand by hand and let's spend the night together Quiz

created by TanteJan on Aug 201451 yrs old, Bloemenvazenhoek, North Holland, Netherlands
Take this quiz to find out how compatible you are with the lovely man TanteJan.
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1. How will you respond to a gentleman who holds the door for you?
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2. You are handy yourself - Would you ever ask your spouse if he hangs the cupboard?.?
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3. Your man has this dream for buying some land and to give up the one-night stand; How would you act?
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4. Your man cooked you a wonderful dinner, though he looks exhausted he offers you also a feet massage; how would you respond?
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5. You just have had your first fight and he is about to cry his eyes out; how would you respond?
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6. Your beloved is always supportive and caring; though you can't stand the feeling you rely on him to much should you act in?
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7. Finally you first meet him in some beach bar; it shows he has a 2 weekend beard on your date; what would you think or say?
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8. You finally u and he have your first rendez-vous; you and he are sharing inside interests what you appreciate in eachother, now he shows he is some feet and hairy respond will be:

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Created: Aug 2014
Last Viewed: Jul 26
Last Taken: Dec 2018


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