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I talk to you on the phone.
I I.M you everyday.
I am missing you because you stay away.
I still keep in touch but that doesn't matter.
I wish you would have stayed a little bit closer.
I wish I could see you just next to me.
To tell you that you are my best friend forever.

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Comments (4)

  • OneWintersNightHidden Profile
    OneWintersNightHidden Profile Nov 2012 Oklahoma, USA
    A Very Touching Meaningful Statement And The Purrfect Card Thumbs Up thumbs up AONE

    Warmest Regards,


    PS I Am Very Sure Millions Do Just What You Wrote
  • LifeThirst
    LifeThirstOP Nov 2012 Kolkata, India
    @OneWintersNight I try to put it the way I think! Big thanks for this great appreciation! handshake bouquet
  • minla
    minla Dec 2012 unknown, Michigan USA
    Love the kitty :).
  • LifeThirst
    LifeThirstOP Dec 2012 Kolkata, India
    @minla handshake bouquet
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