~*One Night*~ eCard

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~*One Night*~ ecard


Come to me one moonless dark night
With slow steps in the candle light
Look at me like never before
Walk in my room and lock the door

Surrender to this temptation
Let love be the sole sensation
Cut this distance and hold me close
Let our souls merrily engross

Bury me in your warm embrace
Let me feel your breath on my face
Drown me deep in your liquid eyes
Let this moment be my demise

Indulge me with your tender touch
When you're with me nothing's too much
Whisper words with your lulling voice
Mesmerize me, leave me no choice

I seek the marriage of our lips
My heart with deep desire drips
Fill me with rapturous delight
Oh please do come to me one night

~author unknown~

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Every women's fantasy WOW mindblowing !
Thank you."LOL" Don't let it be a Fantasy. "LIVE IT IN REAL LIFE." And enjoy the taste as desire by you.

Sent Response to comment with Peace and Good Karma, in mind.

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