My True Love eCard

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My True Love ecard

My True Love

My true face
Now many years
Playing so many roles
Stares with fallow eyes
And softened cheeks
Fear hides no more
For only what life
Has in store
As water washes
Smooth my pores
Like ripples lapping
Sand on distant shores

My true smile
Cracked in the canvas
Now aged a while
Dry as dust falls
Searching comfort
The master’s touch
Each brushed hair
A peaceful night
Swaddled in robes
Wrapped around tight
In whose dreams
Found pure delight

My true heart
Still beating strong
To the rhythm
That comes along
Heard every spring
Little bells will ring
And wind chimes sing
Releasing white doves
Climbing far above
Past a warming sun
Love’s triumphant
Beating wings

My true love
Became so lost
In another time
Far away from me
Like smoke rising
Her spirit flees
Reflecting mere glimpses
Seen only in dreams
Lasting like flower
Petals that fall
Are swept down
Swift moving streams
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Beautiful poem, imagery and song ...a card many will be blessed to receive cheering
What a beautiful scene

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