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STAND BY YOU... ecard

When your heart is broken and full of sorrow,
And your feet are sprinkled with tears fallen from your cheek,
You don't need much to seek,
I'm here today, I'll be here tomorrow...
If your pain and loneliness are more than you can bear,
Remember, there is someone who really seem to care,
Who stands beside you, whether you are up or down,
That someone, will never let you down.

Praying for you and wishing you well,
Don't be afraid! You are protected by your Angel!
We have not met by chance, I can tell,
I was sent to help you find your freedom,
And you just find your soul a home.

Be blessed

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mariamarcelaonline today!
Your day will go right...! comfort

Without you hug
mariamarcelaonline today!
What do you gain?

Giving up too soon could cause you to miss out on success. Hang in there and give it a little more time...!

Patience is always the key
mariamarcelaonline today!
In life, you meet people who are wonderful and your eyes... but, sometimes, it doesn't matter how much you love them, you need to let them go... hug
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mariamarcelaonline today!
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