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RE: Love....

banana love this pages

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RE: You are on my mind

Its regarding for the lovable dating contact me 0755737662 don't worry I'm a genuine person

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RE: From this moment life has began.

Hello zanrod how are you doing today cheering cheering

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RE: Love/Friendship Letter

Thank has been fun and nice.

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RE: I Love you, I am waiting you.

Very nice so soothing to.the heart.

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RE: Every Woman..

This card says it all!

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Love & Sacrifice

I made the most nice Ecard teddybear banana laugh

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RE: IMAGINE........

Te amo mucho amor i okj get cold at nigh and every day

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RE: Distance....

You're always in my mind...
I will never forget you....
My heart stand's still without your words, thoughts and feelings....
I wish to be with you....
.....i miss you....
Your Diane lips

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RE: I Like You ...

Woow really beauriful!

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RE: itch my nose please

This picture makes me want to cry. I am so emotional, I love animals. Wish I could meet them and give a big hug to them both. Thanksapplause

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RE: No Matter The Weather....

Very lovely, I truly like it!

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RE: I've Got My Eye On You

kali sas imera afou den m kserete eukeria n me gnorisete thumbs up typing

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RE: Feelings

Heartbreakingly True

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RE: Nice to meet you

Who wants to write me confused

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RE: just one kiss

Beautiful piece of music :-) heart wings

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RE: Sparks Fly

Very nice song . I love this song!heart wings

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RE: want a boyfriend

I just wanted to thank u for all the times your e-cards have made me lol! U have a great sense of humor and are very talented. Keep up the great work! Pink. rolling on the floor laughing

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RE: If I had one wish

Cute wave love your cards!

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