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Love/Friendship eCards (5,516)

Here is a list of Love/Friendship eCards. Connecting Singles eCards are totally free for you to send. ANY CS card on these pages can be changed & customized by you for ANY occasion. You don't have to send these cards as-is. You can change the greeting & music to make one fit for you. Click on an eCard below to view it, then click the "Send this eCard" button, edit the card template to make it your own, and send it to your friend! Or if you prefer, you can also Design a new eCard template to be added to these pages and used by other members. Click here to post an eCard.

When you love eCard

When you love

Our friendship eCard

Our friendship

peace and harmony eCard

peace and harmony

connected eCard


Crazy bout U eCard

Crazy bout U

This buddys for you eCard

This buddy's for you

Growing Fonder eCard

Growing Fonder

You Rock eCard

You Rock...

From me to you eCardonline today!

From me to you

For You eCard

For You!

Good Night eCard

Good Night

Couple Hearts eCard

Couple Hearts.

I Love You eCard

I Love You.

Red Rose Flowers eCard

Red Rose Flowers.

Marriage Rings eCard

Marriage Rings.

Remember the love eCard

Remember the love

My Special Friend eCard

My Special Friend

Future eCard


You Are Beautiful eCard
I Will Always Be By Your Side eCard

"I Will Always Be By Your Side"

Forever Friends eCard

Forever Friends ...



I fell comfortable eCard

I fell comfortable...

For you eCard

For you...

how far your eCard

how far your



To my friend eCard

To my friend...

Hi eCard


underneath the cool eCard

underneath the cool

Daisy Dayz eCard

Daisy Dayz

Im Back eCard

I'm Back!

A friend keeps you eCard

A friend keeps you

Wishing you a beautiful day eCard

Wishing you a beautiful day.