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Good morning

nice car

Your Greeting will go here u gotta like this car its a bugaatti

Thinking of YOU

Thinking of YOU

Happy Mother's Day!

Natures Gifts

Nature's Gifts

Nature's Gifts



Your Greeting will go here


Lots of love and best wishes Have a great day !

Too cute

Too cute :)

Cute Lil elephant

Get To Feeling Better My Friend

Get To Feeling Better My Friend

Hoping this cheers you up and makes you smile. From my shore to yours "Get Well Quickly"

Mothers Day

Mother's Day...

You took the weight of life into your hands, And were endless, the bitterness of your nights, In the falsehood world, you did not retreat, The pain I've caused, you forgave... You were my consolation in my difficult times and always, With your



The most treasured of all flowers, it's you my lady! Happy women's day!

Nectar that falls from the sky make rainbows

Nectar that falls from the sky make rainbows?

Hello Everyone, Did you sleep okay, Did you have bad day, Try to eat some honey in you, you be just fine afterwards. Put in your tea. But Point being Nectar from sky its literally created from bees if were drop from sky would you eat it?



Love is not just for one day... Love is doing more for another than for self Love is encouraging and supportive Love is patient Love is kindness for one another Love is helping and laughter too Love is sharing interests Love is a comfort

just beautiful

just beautiful

Your Greeting will go here

Loves Philosophy

Love's Philosophy

Love's Philosophy By Percy Bysshe Shelley The fountains mingle with the river And the rivers with the ocean, The winds of heaven mix for ever With a sweet emotion Nothing in the world is single, All things by a law divine- In

Time In A Bottle

Time In A Bottle

Time In A Bottle If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I’d like to do Is to save every day till eternity passes away Just to spend them with you If I could make days last forever If words could make wishes come true I’d sav

In The Forest

Branch in a Forest I am only a branch in the forest Only tethered to a seed awhile Maybe cut loose from all support Perfectly formed for one purpose And one purpose….. only From the beginning of time Where we all will become one Once again

Flower Of The Hills

Flower Of The Hills Beauty is like the flower of the hills Even a desert shall rejoice and blossom When it shall blossom abundantly And rejoice with joy and singing Being rooted and grounded in

The Furthest Distance In The World

The Furthest Distance In The World

The Farthest Distance in The World The farthest distance in the world Is not the distance between life and death But you don't know I love you when I stand in front of you The farthest distance in the world Is not you don't know I love you w


All along the winter shore Looking off in your direction West by southwest In the direction the sun will travel Maybe to become my sunset Maybe to become your sunrise I wouldn't be surprised.....

Have I Told You Lately

Have I Told You Lately

Have I Told You Lately Have I told you lately What’s in my dream You are my dream Have I told you lately What I’m looking for You are right there Have I told you lately How happy I am To dream of you It’s you and you Searched for h

Seasons Greetings

Season's Greetings

From My House to Yours Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thoughts of You

Thoughts of You...

Thoughts of YOU… By Unknown Thoughts of you dance through my mind Knowing, it is just a matter of time Wondering... will you ever be mine You are in my dreams, night... and sometimes... day The thoughts seem to never fade away

Dream Girl

Dream Girl Refresh my hungry soul Take hold my starved heart Softly she whispers my name Telling me love can start Serving more than my supper A hunger for love we share You can butter my bread Anytime you really care Now lying by you

Farewell My Love

Farewell My Love

Farewell My Love Close my eyes slowly You are just there Cried a lake tears It’s not that pity Meet you not at my best age Because meeting you is my best age I hope that I shall go with you In my best second So hardly to write Beca

My True Love

My True Love My true face Now many years Playing so many roles Stares with fallow eyes And softened cheeks Fear hides no more For only what life Has in store As water washes Smooth my pores Like ripples lapping Sand on distant shore

The Woman On My Mind

The Woman On My Mind

The Woman On My Mind I don’t know what I really look for Till I see a beautiful flower someday With grace and fragrance in the garden Her laughter is just like the music Of the fountain of people around her Likes a practical poet planting

Wildflower Woman

My Woman is A Wild Flower My woman is a wild flower She fills my garden with grace Lures me with her sweet fragrance With such a brilliant radiant face I love her long tender blossoms On a strong leggy stem her base Her face is made of soft

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Hold the smile let tear go keep the laugh lose the pain look for joy abandon the fear Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Got Your Love Author: Yankee4you I don’t need to be good Even if I could I just feel the need to be A little understood I don’t need to be rich Ever was my dream Happy with what I got Only light in my eyes gleam I don’t need to be ha

A Christas Sparrow

A Christmas Sparrow Are winter sparrows in the park In its top branches are perched A cheerful song a sweet note A hungry eye for berries searched Folded wings and a tiny shiver A flurry of many fluttered wing Then as one voice in a chorus



It's never too late to start, there are always possibilities, always the wise faith renews your hopes, never stop believing, although there are closed doors, always God has one open for you

Almost Christmas

The soft strings of lights glow over Taylor Park. Welcome to a Vermont Christmas scene.

Nature's Christmas Decorations

Nature's way of decorating for Christmas, OHH HOOO HOOO Merry Christmas!!!

craig63: "your thoughts"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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