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I Like You

I Like You ...

I Like Your Looks, Style, Eyes, Smile ... Actually To Be True ... I LIKE ALL OF YOU !...

Alex71,28415911Sep 2009Feb 13
Loves Embrace

Love's Embrace

In love's embrace our heart's delight.. In love's embrace our soul's takes flight.. In love's embrace our dawn is bright.. Darling To be near you...

Earthheart1,4331589Jun 2016Jul 2016
Just For You

Just For You

Just For You...

Lateyears1910155Mar 25
Smile as life is good

Smile as life is good.

Smile as life is good....

CCfromVenus2741194Jan 5Apr 8


Imagine I'm there with you now...........

Kath744621183Jul 2017Mar 10
want to fall in love with you

want to fall in love with you

Want to fall in love with you...

sajeya2120123Feb 4
New day

New day

Every morning starts a new page in your story, make it a great one today....

CCfromVenus203062Jan 6
Arteee7,9061172Oct 2015Nov 2016
birthday rain

birthday rain

Enjoy life, live fully every moment you can, Do not waste those exciting moments, Life is a dance in the rain....

rebewss62022Apr 23


"It's Indescribable How Breath Taking You Are"...

Arteee9170122Sep 2015
Happy Birthday My Lovely Friend

Happy Birthday My Lovely Friend!!...

*A bunch of flowers just for you!* Wishing you a day as special as you are... Happy Birthday My Lovely Friend!...

Arteee6,7530122Jan 2016


Life is like making tea !,boil your ego, evaporate your worries, dilute your sorrows, filter your mistakes and get taste of happiness ......

CCfromVenus172052Jan 7
Arteee1,5311782May 2016Mar 2017
If I had one wish

If I had one wish

If I had one wish I would give you a long And tender kiss, and if I had two wishes Then I would choose to do it over and over again...

4MaryB1,6624621Jan 2010Jun 2017
Pure natural beauty

Pure natural beauty

This picture reminds me of how beautiful this planet we live on is in the midst of wars, corruption and chaos!!...

Johnybhoy1888167041Nov 16
Happy May Day

Happy May Day ...

Thinking of You and Wishing You a Day Bright With Smiles and Fun ! ... Happy May Day !...

Alex71,260071Apr 2010
Want to be alone with you

Want to be alone with you

Want to be alone with you......

sajeya161031Feb 4


Your Greeting will go here...

OhhRosie6880011Apr 14



Arteee6100101Oct 2016
Thanking about you relaxes me

Thanking about you relaxes me

Just because. You're amazing and so far things are looking up...

Reesie_Pie1820101Oct 25Oct 25
Never miss the beauty and blessings of each day

Never miss the beauty and blessings of each day...

When we count our blessings, it isn't hard to see that life's most valuable treasures are the treasures that are free. For it isn't what we own or buy...

Arteee1,3430121Jan 2016
Alex71,089061Dec 2009
LifeThirst1,4060651Nov 2012
Arteee1,4470111Jan 2016
First Date

First Date

Dream of our first date........

Kath743530151Jul 2017



Maxeen_11,0560161Mar 2012
Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful.

Life Is Beautiful Take every moment in your stride to make it worth a treasure of life. It's never to late to be what you are destined for. Only it...

Arteee8050111Aug 2016
Missing You

Missing You...

When I close my eyes I see you... When I open my eyes I miss you... Missing You So Much!!...

Arteee1,7110221Dec 2013
Come dine with me

Come dine with me

Come dine with me....

Graceinthewest171031Oct 19


It's Very Nice To Meet You....

Arteee1,1610331Jan 2014
Irish Blessing

Irish Blessing

-Irish Blessing- May the road rise up to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm upon your fa...

Staff2,528041Mar 2008
Good Night

Good Night

Sleep Tight Good Night...

LifeThirst4,7700121Sep 2012
Arteee9,2170151Jan 2016
LifeThirst1,1000321Oct 2012
Accept My Love and

Accept My Love and ....

Let all my smile be yours All your tears be mine, Let all my happiness be yours All your sadness be mine, Let the whole world be yours, Only you...

Arteee4,2260191Mar 2014


***~~***~~***~~***~~***~***~ *~~One Day at a Time~~* xXx ***~~***~~***~~...

Maxeen_14,871021Aug 2012
Buzzing with Happiness

Buzzing with Happiness ...

Just Wanted to Wish You a Day Buzzing with Happiness !...

Alex71,331071Nov 2010
Arteee5,1340171Jan 2016
mr and mrs snow man

mr and mrs snow man

To my mr snowman... this is for you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ms snow woman...

bimbalive641,176021Dec 2010
A White Rose From The Distance

A White Rose From The Distance

Sending u a white rose from the distance... to say..>>>**...

Unknown2,8860201May 2010
Good luck

Good luck

You've got what it takes.. Good luck...

Staff2,0140281Mar 2008



Jack__U2135031Nov 6


You are my rose...

FlorLookinForYou1,6221831Jul 2014Aug 2014
One day sweet day

One day, sweet day...

One day, sweet day, our lips will meet. Till then, I'll kiss you with my words....

Arteee1,1061151Aug 2016Sep 2016
peace is a gift

peace is a gift

Peace is a gift It is a gift we give to ourselves And then to each other...

4MaryB1,045061Oct 2009
Fall in LOVE

Fall in LOVE

With every Kiss... And every hug, You make me… Fall in love!...

LifeThirst1,4870221Sep 2011Jun 2017

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