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Just For You

Just For You

Just For You...

Lateyears4990496Mar 25
Loves Embrace

Love's Embrace

In love's embrace our heart's delight.. In love's embrace our soul's takes flight.. In love's embrace our dawn is bright.. Darling To be near you...

Earthheart1,5521874Jun 2016Jul 2016
I Like You

I Like You ...

I Like Your Looks, Style, Eyes, Smile ... Actually To Be True ... I LIKE ALL OF YOU !...

Alex71,5001813Sep 2009Feb 13


Don't loose your present to your past...

FreeBirdxx2540113May 31
I Love you I am waiting you

I Love you, I am waiting you.

I Love you, I am waiting your Letter....

KamranKSB55721212Jun 16Jul 20
Im always here

I'm always here

Just remember, I'm always here, In your heart, close and near. I will help you out in every way, Happiness and love in your heart will stay. Don't...

Everyminute845052Mar 6
Buddy4you383062Sep 2017
Love Friendship Letter

Love/Friendship Letter

It's been fun.. writing, chatting and getting to know you....

Staff1,8951152Feb 2008Jul 17
Arteee2,4430282Feb 2016Jul 2017
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

From my shore to yours....Happy Birthday dear friend xoxo...

Happygolucky4u239022Sep 7
From this moment life has began

From this moment life has began.

From this moment life has began....

KamranKSB2731191Jun 17Oct 13
You have stolen my heart

You have stolen my heart.

...You Have Stolen My Heart......

Arteee1,3430201Jun 2016
ashlander8211101Jan 2017Feb 2017
Take a chance

Take a chance

Plz. take a chance on me !!!...

LifeThirst2,3992851Aug 2012Dec 2016
Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning, Love And Blessings, Happy Tuesday!...

VirginLady2,865051Aug 2016


You are my rose...

FlorLookinForYou1,6651841Jul 2014Aug 2014
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

~* 2 U *~...

LifeThirst2,67601151Aug 2012
For You

For You.


Arteee7490131Jun 2016
Im waiting

I'm waiting


thesunandthesea1,4971131Feb 2011Feb 2011
Willow39391,8680441Apr 2015
I will say

I will say...

I will say I LOVE YOU! And I will mean it...

4MaryB1,124051Mar 2009


Imagine I'm there with you now...........

Kath746661211Jul 2017Mar 10
I hold you in my heart

I hold you in my heart...

There's a Special Place in my Heart Where I can feel you near, No matter, how far you are My Darling, In my thoughts you are always there. The way...

Arteee8,446061Aug 2013
Courage Will

Courage & Will

You Shall Make It Through.. Ain't No Stopping You Now!! With Your Courage & Will, There Will ALWAYS BE A WAY!!...

Earthheart763071Sep 2016

Every Woman..

Every Woman Deserves A Man Who Will Ruin Her Lipstick, Not Her Mascara....

Flame353731111Jun 8Jun 10
My Love Letter

My Love Letter

~ O * O ~...

LifeThirst1,292071Aug 2012
I miss you so much

I miss you so much

I feel like an alien in this world I Check my phone ... no texts no calls Being strong isn't as easy as being grieved I never thought i would feel...

Everyminute347051Sep 2017
every day and night

every day and night

You're always on my mind Baby You got me thinking, thinking of you...

4MaryB1,253071Nov 2009


In The Cycle of Life Birth-Death-Re-Birth Spirit never Dies.. As Quantum Physics Teaches, All Energy Is Never Destroyed, Only Transformed... The...

Earthancestor1,060021Oct 2014
Im sorry

I’m sorry

~ * ~...

LifeThirst9,8090301Sep 2012
Warm wishes

Warm wishes

Warm wishes Wish you great thoughts wonderful days peaceful nights...

Juuni2910111May 1
Take Care

Take Care

Take Care *~...

LifeThirst1,4330281Nov 2012
Over and over again

Over and over again...

I don’t know why I keep on loving you despite the fact that I’ll get hurt again just like before. I never learn cause I don’t want to. Not now when I’...

thesunandthesea6,905031Apr 2012
angel wishes

angel wishes

I'm sending you loving Angel wishes For beautiful blessings to come your way And for you to have peace and tranquillity As you travel through your...

4MaryB1,4741151Oct 2009Oct 2009
Arteee9210151Sep 2016


Your Greeting will go here...

rainbowdream2017315091Apr 29
Natures Kiss

Nature's Kiss

Love In All Its Forms, Is Truly Nature's Kiss!...

Earthancestor1,002081Oct 2014

It is proven but still can we meet

I do not care what they say... I still want to meet you...

kalzayani188021Jul 5

hello are you?hope see your replay soon....

sagittarius_01015,0771321Sep 2011Sep 2011
Buddy4you253021Sep 2017
Pure natural beauty

Pure natural beauty

This picture reminds me of how beautiful this planet we live on is in the midst of wars, corruption and chaos!!...

Johnybhoy1888250051Nov 2017
Across the miles

Across the miles...

Across the miles......

Alex71,7130201Mar 2009
Im Free

I'm Free

Do you want a date as I can't hang around!...

SandyBay1,399091Jul 2015
In your eyes

In your eyes

Some people search their whole lives To find what I found in your eyes....

LifeThirst1,4080111Oct 2012
Hey handsome

Hey handsome!

I've got my eye on you! Xx...

Monalisa2xx1,308011Aug 2016
If I had one wish

If I had one wish

If I had one wish I would give you a long And tender kiss, and if I had two wishes Then I would choose to do it over and over again...

4MaryB1,7544631Jan 2010Jun 2017

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