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Welcome to the eCards section. Below is a list of eCards posted by members. Connecting Singles eCards are totally free for you to send. ANY CS card on these pages can be changed & customized by you for ANY occasion. You don't have to send these cards as-is. You can change the greeting & music to make one fit for you. Click on an eCard below to view it, then click the "Send this eCard" button, edit the card template to make it your own, and send it to your friend! Or if you prefer, you can also Design a new eCard template to be added to these pages and used by other members. Click here to post an eCard.

Valentine eCard


My darling Valentine eCard

My darling Valentine

Spreadin the luv eCard

Spreadin the luv

Be my Valentine eCard

Be my Valentine

Everyone is beautiful eCard

Everyone is beautiful

Wish we could be together eCard
Naughty List youre on it eCard

Naughty List.. you're on it

Bear Hug eCard

Bear Hug

Hello eCard


Seasons Greetings eCard

Season's Greetings

whatever eCard


Wonders of Christmas eCard

Wonders of Christmas

Mr Popular eCard

Mr Popular

Good wishes eCard

Good wishes..

Chill Out eCard

Chill Out!

Christmas Seeking eCard

Christmas Seeking

Happy Holidays eCard

Happy Holidays

your friendship is a gift eCard
Peace in the Forums eCard

Peace in the Forums

Gift of friendship eCard

Gift of friendship

Merry Christmas eCard

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays eCard

Happy Holidays

Strange and wonderful eCard

Strange and wonderful

Our special world eCard

Our special world

Our friendship eCard

Our friendship

Good morning eCard

Good morning

When you love eCard

When you love

Adjusting our sails eCard

Adjusting our sails

Thinking of you eCard

Thinking of you

peace and harmony eCard

peace and harmony

Have I told you lately eCard

Have I told you lately?

peace love harmony eCard

peace, love, harmony

good morning just me wishing you eCard

good morning just me wishing you...

Cat eCardonline now!


Friends eCard


Cant wait to meet you eCard

Can't wait to meet you

Chihuahua eCard


You make my tail wag eCard

You make my tail wag

Love Friendship Letter eCard

Love/Friendship Letter

Crazy bout U eCard

Crazy bout U

Welcome eCard