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Welcome to the eCards section. Below is a list of eCards posted by members. Connecting Singles eCards are totally free for you to send. ANY CS card on these pages can be changed & customized by you for ANY occasion. You don't have to send these cards as-is. You can change the greeting & music to make one fit for you. Click on an eCard below to view it, then click the "Send this eCard" button, edit the card template to make it your own, and send it to your friend! Or if you prefer, you can also Design a new eCard template to be added to these pages and used by other members. Click here to post an eCard.

Romantic Get Away eCard
Le Romantique Chic eCard

Le Romantique Chic

Dreams Wishes eCard

Dreams & Wishes

Dreaming of you eCard

Dreaming of you

Heart Lite eCard

Heart Lite



Single flower eCard

Single flower

it will be forever eCard

it will be forever...





Loves Insight eCard

Love's Insight

Sympathy eCard


Fountain Of Youth eCard

Fountain Of Youth



Beaux Voyage eCard

Beaux Voyage

If Its Meant To Be eCard

If It's Meant To Be

apple in pink water to say eCard


Leap Of Faith eCard

Leap Of Faith

Vitamin Me eCard

Vitamin Me

I want you eCard

I want you

Hot Lips eCard

Hot Lips

YOU Got What I Need eCard
My Gaurdian Angel Drinks eCard

My Gaurdian Angel Drinks

Fleurs Pours Vous eCard

Fleurs Pours Vous

Thank You Present eCard
second chance at love eCard

second chance at love

Dance Of Life eCard

Dance Of Life

Happy Easter eCard

Happy Easter

Hello eCard


Miss You eCard

Miss You!

Cherry Kiss eCard

Cherry Kiss

Passion Fruit eCard

Passion Fruit

Call Me eCard

Call Me

Pretty Words eCard

Pretty Words

Autumns Purr eCard

Autumn's Purr

Be happy now eCard

Be happy now!!!!

Heaven On Earth eCard

Heaven On Earth