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Welcome to the eCards section. Below is a list of eCards posted by members. Connecting Singles eCards are totally free for you to send. ANY CS card on these pages can be changed & customized by you for ANY occasion. You don't have to send these cards as-is. You can change the greeting & music to make one fit for you. Click on an eCard below to view it, then click the "Send this eCard" button, edit the card template to make it your own, and send it to your friend! Or if you prefer, you can also Design a new eCard template to be added to these pages and used by other members. Click here to post an eCard.

Give Love a Chance eCard

Give Love a Chance

Dreamtime eCard


Good vibrations eCard

Good vibrations...

Greetings eCard

Greetings !

Sacred Kiss eCard

Sacred Kiss

Natures Kiss eCard

Nature's Kiss

A relationship eCard

A relationship

Change eCard


Duet eCard


Autumns Abundance eCard

Autumn's Abundance

Love Lite eCard

Love Lite

Rough Brilliance eCard
eid ul azha eCard

eid ul azha

with love eCard

with love

Miracle of Whiteness eCard

Miracle of Whiteness

Balance eCard


Success eCard


Mother Earth eCard

Mother Earth

Empathy eCard


Beautiful eCard


Soar In Love eCard

Soar In Love

Journey of Two Hearts eCard

Journey of Two Hearts

Choices eCard


all u need is patience eCard

all u need is patience

Good night eCard

Good night!..

Lets Talk eCard

Let's Talk

Happy Inside Out eCard
Miss You eCard

Miss You

Sweet Dreams eCard

Sweet Dreams

The Dawn eCard

The Dawn

Mated For Life eCard

Mated For Life

Just Nuts eCard

Just Nuts

Keep smiling eCard

Keep smiling!..

Loves Treasure eCard

Love's Treasure

Pure Delight eCard

Pure Delight

I miss you eCard

I miss you...

Good morning eCard

Good morning!..

alone eCard


Feathers Fur eCard

Feathers & Fur

Weekend eCard