Event Rules

The best get-togethers are casual but well defined and well organized.

Members like to know:

  • What they will be doing/what is the purpose of the meeting,
  • EXACTLY where to meet,
  • Will there be someone there to meet/greet them (so they won't waste time looking for a group that has moved to a different unknown location),
  • Directions to the meeting place and available parking info,
  • That members are friendly and everyone is welcome.

So... set a date/time and stick to it.
Choose a location that is easy to get to with plenty of room for the group (call the pub/restaurant in advance and reserve a space/room/table, then tell members exactly where that will be), give the restaurant hostess the location of the "CS Group" so latecomers can find you.
Keep the discussion in your event thread fun and friendly. Arguments in SignUp threads are sure to turn people away from your event and the forum.

In order to have a formal sign-up box installed in your forum thread and a mailing sent to area members:

  • Your event must be of a general nature, for the purpose of meeting and getting to know other ConnectingSingles members.
  • All area members must be welcome to attend.
  • You may not collect any money in advance, so make arrangements only where each member may pay their own way on arrival.
  • You may not advertise in the forum for private parties, spotlights for a selected member, or fund raisers of any kind.
    You may not start a CS event thread for another business or website or use this site to promote any other organization.

Here is how to organize your CS Event:

  1. Start a forum thread to introduce your event idea to see if there is interest.
  2. Find out if members are interested. Discuss the details with members: time, place, etc. The get-together doesn't have to be a 'big deal'. It can just be a time set to meetup for coffee or a drink to get acquainted. These are the most popular.
  3. If there is interest, fill out the form below. Enter the specific details of the event: tell us WHAT the evening is for/what you'll be doing; WHERE you will meet (with address and directions); WHEN (date and time). We will use this information in your SignUp and to create a mailing.
  4. If there is time, we will send a mailing to members in your area, including your event info and telling members to visit your thread in the forum to ask you questions or to signup for your event. The mailing will bring new members from your area into the forums and it's a good way to get acquainted with members you may not meet otherwise. We recommend your signup thread be especially attentive to newcomers so they feel welcome and want to start posting with you.

If your event plan is changed or canceled for any reason, be sure to notify staff at Contact Us to help post the change clearly for all to see in the forum.

If you take photos at your get-together, you may send them after your event and we will post them in the forum for you.

If you are planning a ConnectingSingles get-together, enter your info in the boxes below and staff will help in any way we can.

Good luck with your Get-Together!

Get Togethers are organized by members for the purpose of getting to know each other. They are not funded or managed by Connecting Singles. Participation in these events is voluntary, at your own risk and expense. Information regarding Get Togethers is posted by members in Forums for your information. Connecting Singles is not responsible for these activities.

If you are an organizer of this event, you may use this form to submit a request to make it an Event thread with a Sign-Up box.

After approval, your thread will have a SignUp box within 24 hours.