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Articles Articles

Read articles about dating and other interesting topics written by singles. Or write your own articles and get feedback on your topic.

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Blog Blogs

Blogs are a great place to express yourself, impart words of wisdom from lessons you've learned, try out a poem you wrote, or just write about your day. It allows members to get to know another side of you that may not show in your profile or forum posts.

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Books Books

Post and discuss your favorite Books and see which Books other members like to read. Looking for a good book to read? Read member book reviews or ideas and opinions. And get to know members better by what they like and what they write. Find members with similar tastes.

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eCards eCards

Once you get to know some members better, you may want to send them a CS eCard. You can also use the Birthday List to send cards to members celebrating their special day. Many singles are alone on birthdays and holidays, and receiving a card from another member can be a bright spot on an otherwise lonely day. You can either choose a card and customize it for your occasion, or you can create a card of your own and add one of hundreds of great music choices that Connecting Singles provides. If you’re creative at all, you’ll love this feature!

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Forum Forums

The Forums are a great place to get to know members, make friends from all over the world, and to debate issues from sex and dating to politics and current events. If you don’t find a thread that interests you, start one that does. Diversity brings us together here, but it also provides cause for lively often very heated debate. So enter the forums with tolerance and an open mind.

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Games Games

Are you a gameplayer? Play cool free online games at ConnectingSingles. Compete against other members for high scores in the singleplayer games, or invite a member or a group to meet and play Pool, Spades, Checkers or others in the multiplayer games. All games are flash-based online games, there is nothing to download or install.

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Groups Groups

A Group is organized to give members who share a common interest, background or belief a place to share ideas and discussion about their specific interest. It's often hard to get to know new people in a big place. Joining a small group will help connect you to like-minded members in a more intimate environment. Each Group has its own forum for discussion. Join an existing group or start one of your own.

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Movies Movies

Post and discuss your favorite Movies and see which Movies other members like to watch. Looking for a good Movie to watch? See which movies other members like and are recommending. And get to know members better by what they like and what they write. Find members with similar tastes.

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Music Music

Post and discuss your favorite Music and see which Music other members like to listen to. Looking for a good song to listen to? Read member music reviews or ideas and opinions. And get to know members better by what they like and what they write. Find members with similar tastes.

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Poetry Poetry

Do you have a passion for poetry? The CS Poet’s Corner is a great place to post poems you’ve written and get feedback from a supportive group of writers there. Entering and formatting your poems is fun and creative with your choice of font, background color, border-style, etc. The Poet’s Corner is also a great place to read poems written by members, to help you get to know them better.

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Polls Polls

Polls are an interesting way to survey for the opinions of others on a topic of your choice, and also to get acquainted with other members through discussion of their opinions and poll results. Vote on a wide variety of poll topics or post a poll question of your own. Two poll options are available: create a poll that will appear in a forum thread for discussion and comments by forum members, or create a poll in the Polls area where members can vote and leave comments there.

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Profile Reviews Profile Reviews

Are you wondering about the first impression your profile gives, what members really think of what you’ve written about yourself? Are you open to some constructive criticism? Post your request for review and get helpful tips on how you can improve. Or read reviews of other members profiles and post your comments.

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Puzzles Puzzles

PUZZLE YOUR FRIENDS... upload a photo and create a cool puzzle of yourself. Invite your friends to see how well you fit together.

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Quizzes Quizzes

Take fun Quizzes on interesting topics written by other members or write some quizzes of your own. ConnectingSingles has 4 types of quizzes. Take personality quizzes to learn more about your yourself, take tests to see how much you know about a given topic, take How Well Do You know me quizzes to test how much you already know about a member, or take member’s compatibility quizzes to see if you connect with them. Take quizzes, make quizzes, leave comments!.. it’s fun to do, and a great way to share something about yourself and get to know others.

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Quizzes Recipes

Post your favorite recipes, and get recipes from others. Also, swap cooking tips with other members

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Top 10 Lists Top 10 Lists

Creating a TOP10 LIST allows you to share your knowledge, experiences, or favorites with others. It can be a personal list (My Top10 Favorite things to do on a First Date) or non-personal (Top10 Ways to Attract a Mate). Top10 lists are easy to do and fun to read. Topic of your List can be fact or favorite, helpful or humorous, historical… or just plain weird. It's up to you.

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Videos Venues

Post your favorite venues, bars, restaurants, and see which ones other members like.

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Videos Videos

ConnectingSingles members have posted some great videos for you to view and comment on. Do you have a favorite video or have you posted one of your own on YouTube? Videos you post will appear on your profile site page and members can watch and comment on them there.

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Videos Vlogs

Watch videos made by other members or post your own.

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Polls Events & Get-Togethers

Attend a get-together or help plan one. This is a great way to get better acquainted with members you’ve met on ConnectingSingles and it’s also a great excuse to travel to a place you may not have had the chance to visit alone. Check out Get-Together threads in the forum and join the discussion by members planning to attend.

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Tags Tags

Tags help connect members with like interests. Tag your profile with keywords to help members can find you. Use the tags page to search for all members who have tagged keywords of interest to you.

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Rate Photos Meet Me

Meet Me is a fun, interesting way to view a lot of members and find someone who attracts you. The goal of Meet Me is to connect members who might not otherwise find each other through other search methods.

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Polls Birthdays

Members with birthdays this week appear on the Connecting Singles Birthday list. Send them a card. It's another way to connect with members here. You don't have to know them to send a greeting. Check the list and use it as an opportunity to send an eCard or flower; or to send a Birthday message to a member on your Friends list, someone you have debated with in the forum, or someone new who interests you. Singles are often alone on birthdays and holidays and a surprise greeting may be a cool way to brighten their day, or it may be the start of a great connection. Creating eCards is fun and totally free to do.

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Polls Who's Viewed Me

See which members have viewed your profile. You can turn off Whos Viewed me on this page.

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