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Canada, and being Canadian (221)

Jun 15, 2020 3:45 AM CST Canada, and being Canadian
kidatheartkidatheartFruitvale, British Columbia Canada33 Threads 24,899 Posts
Onlyforums: Well Kid, actually Canada surely sucks at this point from my view.
Alot of ungrateful people out there, I witness it every day, my ears/eyes are wide open and have been for quite some time now.
I wish I could say I love this country, but at this point, I cannot do that.

But giving up smoking for crafts and beer was a great time consumer today.

Being a Canadian meant so much more to me 20 years ago even, I am born and bred in the east, generations of my family farmed and built ships/ fishing, there, oh and also planted potatoes, that are the best I have ever tasted..
I did not recognize One family down my last trip, all foreigners, sad to see such a beautiful island disappear into something with no heritage. I believe in keeping those things alive.
Anyhoo Kid..I dont consider a national identity, I do however see my own.

P.S. Dont get me wrong, I see tons of good stuff happening everywhere for others in need, as I am involved in helping others too.

It's funny, I'd likely understand you, despite your accent. laugh

Looking for solid ground here, and not finding any, even after a decade. Maybe it's time for this experiment to end, and get busted up into pieces.

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