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Feb 12, 2012 12:46 PM CST Ron Paul moves UP in the Polls
Big Win For Ron Paul in Maine
With 95% reporting, Ron Paul has over 36% of the vote in Maine right behind first place finisher Mitt Romney, who has barely 39%.

But when all the votes are counted will Romney still be in first place? Only 194 votes stand between Paul and a first place victory. Washington County is a stronghold for Paul and has yet to report. It might be a week before we know the final outcome there and Washington County is expected to yield 200 votes or more.

Still, Maine is a state in Romney’s backyard that he should’ve been able to walk away with easily. That Mitt almost lost to Ron tonight–and that Mitt still may lose to Ron in the days to come–does not bode well for the establishment candidate. Romney shouldn’t have had to campaign in Maine and yet circumstances forced him to make a last ditch effort.

Santorum, riding high on Tuesday, was 20 points behind Paul tonight. Newt Gingrich, who won South Carolina with 41% last month, got only 6% tonight.

This was not a good night for Mitt Romney. It was a fantastic night for Ron Paul.
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Feb 18, 2012 12:14 PM CST Ron Paul moves UP in the Polls
ReverserReverserRoseburg, Oregon USA3 Posts
HealthyLiving, I did not read all the posts in this thread, but I did want to answer your very first question. You asked if Ron Paul was electible. It is the MSM that tries to pound into peoples heads who is electible and who isn't. Ron Paul is not only very electible, he is the ONLY candidate who is electible. The rest are different versions of the same horse.

We might as well have only one party when it comes to elections anymore since they all say and do the same thing.

If Ron Paul's campaign got only 20% as much coverage as the others got he would win by a super landslide. If the people were informed and not kept in the dark about Ron Paul's past voting practices, ideas, and platform he would take this country by a tsunami of votes. The others would be exposed for the frauds they are.

I was never into politics at all in my whole life until I learned of Ron Paul. He is the first candidate that I have actively supported. From Ron Paul I have been educated on a whole host of issues that I never considered before. I now understand the monetary system much more, the problem of big government interference, the problem of the fed, the problem of the IRS, the problem of intrusion into personal liberties, the problem of why this country is in the mess it is in etc. He is the only one in politics that I know of that is telling the truth and has the answer to solve it all.

I would never even consider voting for anyone else. Why should I when he has exposed it all for what it is and has the solution?

Go Ron Paul! He is the only electible candidate. But the media tries to portray him otherwise because certain ones have a huge amount of money and power that they would lose if he got elected.

If one understands the simple concept that the news is a for profit entity and not beholding to telling the truth to the people then it all starts to make sense why certain information is told us and other information is withheld.

I would like to reverse it all. That is why my name is Reverser.
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