beware this man (142)

Mar 3, 2019 11:23 AM CST beware this man
Ive realised its good to check all the comments blogs to find out about people who contact you . Here you see them for what they are some awful thick Irish paddies here with no respect for women . Other nationalities of course . If a man is making nasty comments about any woman you'd be very foolish to meet him unless your the same type making vicious derogatory remarks about people . Most of us have met complete azzholes and yes we feel angry hurt wanting revenge but I say to myself rise above this crap be the bigger better best person you can be .
Mar 3, 2019 1:08 PM CST beware this man
Thanks for the warning a good reminder. Yes you can get lucky but the risk is always there.tougher for women but a warning still for the men as well .abuse can come from either sex male or female.too many but cases and toxic people about. Stay safe all.
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