Where is the rudest EU population thread? (22)

Apr 21, 2022 7:44 PM CST Where is the rudest EU population thread?
blathinblathinGlasgow, Central, Scotland UK4,191 Posts
MintyFeet: The rudest population is in Finland.
How dare they not share their saunas.
Nov 20, 2022 2:37 PM CST Where is the rudest EU population thread?
Condor009Condor009Victoria, British Columbia Canada313 Posts
The quick and 'off the cuff' answer is NO. Freedom of speech has been replaced with varying degrees of 'you must conform!' Conformity of course is the world's most pernicious form of control. It may also be the world's greatest conspiracy of total silence as no one can find out those behind the rigid forms of control...who are those that propagate this insidious form of control;who promotes it, who, what groups promote conformity; promote censorship of thoughts and speech that offer alternate opinions or even a question of why must people conform to others, usually a vindictive minority made up of individuals of inbred psychological ineptitude of being able to handle other's opinions. Conformity is a disease and is spread like one; like a virus. It is the very antithesis free speech in every sense of every word that make up one's opinions on anything. It operates a vast, global and minute conspiracy in everyday life and affects all we do and think for those of us who have brains striving as we may against all those who are afraid to think and express themselves... Live and do as the ol' Beat Poet, Allen Ginsberg once wrote, once screamed: HOWL!!!
I'lll take those that Howl anyway over the faces filled people that are afraid of non conformity.

dancing applause professor barf
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