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May 8, 2017 11:40 AM CST For the Girls !!!...
EmeraldIsle63EmeraldIsle63Montpellier, France1 Posts
jeanray: You say "Most men are liars, or married or so..."
I am a man, real, searching for a real person.
Up to now, 8 (EIGHT) trials.
8 women who only want money, visa, travel expenses, money for granny's hospital and so on.
Up to now, 8 scams (all reported)

Totally agree. I've written a very basic profile. Shyness and humility prevents me from posting a photo. Yet I have received 2 requests contact from girls, one late twenties and the other early thirties. The latter stating that I have a 'cool profile' and promising more pictures of herself should I send her an email address! What in God's name would I have to interest a woman twenty years my junior. And to be honest I'd have no interest in her either.I'm sure that there are fakes on both sides of the gender fence.
I joined because I saw a beautiful woman and read her profile which I also thought made her a beautiful person as well. I wrote to her again at the weekend when I realised she had been on line after an absence of some years. I only joined because of her and I've sent no messages to another. Still waiting for a response though I guess I'd have got it if she had any interest in me. My profile is basic but I sent her a true profile in a message (en français). Sad thing is that I feel that we would be perfect for each other but it looks like we'll never discover the truth of that! The cruelty of Love!
Sorry for going off topic.
Amitiés. S
May 17, 2017 12:24 PM CST For the Girls !!!...
LinarayLinarayTaverney, Ile-de-France France8 Threads 2 Polls 118 Posts
jules8428: Just thought I would share my latest experience on here ...
Was having a conversation with a guy on here from Iceland (yeah say no more) lol .. and after the usual first time questions e mails all day on and off on CS ..told me he doesn't play games .. he is older mature man.. photo i googled and apparently genuine .. etc etc .. so trying not to be cynical thinking yeah here we go .. he asked to communicate later in the evening on Skype . "yes" i said no problem .. good idea ..
Saw his request on Skype .. name was as he said .. so far so good ... lol .. as it was late i went to bed and woke up this morning with an e mail from him on CS .. telling me he is sorry for the inconvenience .. he would like to withdraw(no pun intended we haven't even met yet )hahhah.. .. and another load of BS .. to be honest was not really that surprised as its the norm on here.. 99 % fakes .. married .. LIARS ..
So girls as I said earlier if you looking for something serious ..more chance of flying to the moon i believe ..
also I think CS should have some way us girls can leave secret comments on guys profiles to be seen by us "ONLY" on here just to help and warn others what do you think ?.....

You are very correct, the kind of men in this site are simply losers who are very lonely and tired with life and feel they can distract women. I just met one like that who came as an angel and we've been chatting since two weeks without any problem. He kept saying how i make him feel. He also asked for my email and gave me his, that he is not always in this site and we exchanged few emails and he asked for my phone number. Stupid me, right? I gave him my phone number and we've been chatting on whatsapp. But I felt it that he wasn't serious even when he said he loves me. I just laughed it off and continue chatting him with a good attitude. Yesterday we we're chatting and he was saying he wants to go to bed and I told him to go and he didn't want to go again but wanted to chat. Suddenly I saw good night and I said good night, but he has even prepared to cut off. Just this morning I responded his question that I saw late last night and I didn't want my chat to wake him up since he said good night already. He said he waited the whole night for me to respond to his question, and I sent him what he said last before going to be, so he can't be waiting the whole night and then responded to his questions. What I got was thank you, I don't want to chat with you again. I just laughed off my head. I knew it and I was very careful.i am 46 years old and this person is 57 or 58. Even old age doesn't even increase their understanding. Otherwise, they should know from people's profile who is serious and who is not. Watch those profile with too many texts. I wonder how a normal human being can say I love you without seeing you and suddenly cut you off without any personal offense. May be it's not you that the person loved. I agree that CS provide a way we can publish their names so that they don't keep wasting people's time. But let's not allow these low livers men change us to bad people. I will post my advice later.
May 17, 2017 12:33 PM CST For the Girls !!!...
LinarayLinarayTaverney, Ile-de-France France8 Threads 2 Polls 118 Posts
It is true, they will always request your private email saying they're not always on this site.
I think it's good to state those things like asking for email and phone number on the profile.
May 17, 2017 1:31 PM CST For the Girls !!!...
LinarayLinarayTaverney, Ile-de-France France8 Threads 2 Polls 118 Posts
That's correct. It's just that sometimes people make you stay on chat a bit long and then cut off.That's irresponsible too.
May 17, 2017 1:41 PM CST For the Girls !!!...
LinarayLinarayTaverney, Ile-de-France France8 Threads 2 Polls 118 Posts
I think your own problem is unique, in terms of where you are looking for women. You are from Spain, re there no women in Spain? And in the whole of the EU if you couldn't find women, then you have to go through this huddles you are talking about. Many of us in EU are not familiar with that.
May 21, 2017 12:43 PM CST For the Girls !!!...
nsnbrightnsnbrightCork, Ireland1 Threads 19 Posts
ok and I tell u boys something about some women!
They talk about lots of bla bla bla in their prof,like romantic,intelligent,respect... and when u message them they just delete the message,even ur nice,even they dont know u or u dont have chance to prove it.No time to write back:"Thank you but no!"
so how could we call these persons?:disrespectful or something else?
So ur wrong,just wrong!
Hey women!Get back to the earth! There r tonnes of nice men here / without white hourse /
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