Maybe I shouldn´t of done that (1)

Aug 19, 2017 4:43 AM CST Maybe I shouldn´t of done that
Haha, snagged all you language nazis :D
Ok, I´ll change that to
"Maybe I shouldn´t have done that".

See, what happened was this, and I´ll keep this very brief and on point........
A very nice lady got in touch with me.
On her profile it´s obvious she LOVES dancing. I don´t. Never have, never will.
I pointed this out to her and said that we would not be a match, but if she wanted to go for a drink then I would like that (we live in the same village, apparently.)
She then said that she could teach anyone to dance.
I, politely but strongly, revisited the "I don´t dance, don´t want to, don´t feel the need, don´t want to be taught" but we can have a drink or two if you want to.
I got firmly rebuffed and it was made out to seem that it was me who had started all this. SMH.

Anyways....the thing I should maybe not have done was ask the nice lady if the blonde in one of the profile pics was available for a dinnerdate :)

Now I´m blocked. Can´t reply to apologise. But then again, why should I.

Man, SO sensitive these days
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