navy seals vs s.a.s.

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Re: navy seals vs s.a.s.
galrads: the opening scene and the barber scene were my favorites. Hepburn was such a remarkable person. I think she spoke five languages fluently, maybe more. Thanks for sharing your qualified opinions.

Audrey was...well, I find it extremely obvious why I had such a crush on her!

Thank you for asking! cheers Hollywood is in it for the money, but sometimes it is entertaining. Long before I fought fire from the sky, I started as a "ground-pounder" (which is a pre-requisite to go Air Attack). I can remember seeing this classic from the early fifties (I saw it in the eighties as part of a hot-shot crew just lying around waiting for the call! Realistic? Some parts yes, others, no way! But it is actually a pretty good waste of time! wink
DaMooseLives DaMooseLives

Westlock, Alberta Canada

Re: navy seals vs s.a.s.
A soldier is a soldier. Soldiers of an "elite" force usually work covertly and utilize the element of surprise to their advantage. Tough and trained they are - but as to which is better? I guess it is the bunch that yell surprise first! laugh But there are soldiers, non-elite, who were not offered elite training, or training in covert ops...rather in the trenches, on the beaches, in the fields, the jungles met full scale barrages from ground and sky, yet pushed on, crapping their drawers every step of the way!

A soldier is a soldier. If they are true to their task, then I cannot compare them against or with each other, for they stand as equal in my eyes. So, I guess I never did actually answer the question you posed in your thread - my answer would be "no" cheers

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Re: navy seals vs s.a.s.
DaMooseLives: All is relatively well. I also hope all is rolling along in your world as it should! Aye, with not a drop of Scot's blood in my veins, I was ever so proud to have served in the Watch! Ces kilts étaient un vêtement de courants d’air ! Prenez soin et je vous remercie d’avoir répondu !

ty, J’étais heureux de le faire. all rolling as it should.

stay safe !: handshake cheers
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Re: navy seals vs s.a.s.
DaMooseLives: Trying to stir the shit-pot I see! Put a SAS trooper beside a Seal, and the Commando units look at them like the bad-a** soldiers they are. All the "reality TV" "Deadliest Warrior" bull-crap, is just that.

Any man or woman who serves their country is far from being in kindergarten or a baby. WHO is ultimately "tougher" depends on the war being waged. My word, you want to see "bad-a**?" May you have the honour as I have twice, to sit at a table with a mellow and assuming recipient of the Victoria Cross. I would face several SAS and Seals, before I would ever face off against the recipient of this medal. When there was absolutely NOTHING LEFT, they just continued to dig deeper! (And with Smokey Smith, he also informed me he was crapping his drawers every single second!) To compare one unit against another....hey...if it is just friendly chirping, I can respect it as much as you won't even see the cross-side elbow!


where are these guys Moose?.......smitten cool

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Re: navy seals vs s.a.s.
S.A.S guys are hotter.

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Re: navy seals vs s.a.s.
HexagonKeySet: It wasn't Mrs Browns boy either ...

But then you are assuming that Bin Laden WAS in fact taken out ...

Certain governments are not exactly big on truthful eh ???

So you are calling my son and daughter liars?

No wonder you don't have a picture on here. Certain people are not big on truthfulness now are they? What are you hiding? dunno
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