Dec 25, 2017 9:48 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
There is nothing wrong with women acknowledging that they are the gods of men, but it has to do with the race. Blackwomen are the gods of blackmen; caucasian women are the gods of caucasian men; latino women are the gods of latino; mulatto women are the gods of mulatto men; and other trees are government by the origin of their vines! The only sad thing is that many females in 2017, think that because they have overheard this information from those women who've done extensive research automatically qualifies them as having the god complex. Unfortunately, there are many uneducated, mentally ill, and imbalanced women who think that this also applies to them. And because educated females are pushing this towards these unstable women, for their own personal gains, society is becoming more and more unstable. Women are going topless, and is demanding to be respected as gods! Much of what women have been taught, which is why they are taking over, has to do with some of the latest scientific research being pushed by eastern stars, high preistesses, or members of the so-called royal families. Uneducated women have been taught that Y chromosome in sperm has 2.8% less genetic material than the X chromosome in the same sperm specimen. Researchers were able to sift sperm to produce samples in which 85% of the cells had an X chromosome. In fact, the X chromosome is 5 times larger than the Y chromosome, which means that females existed for generations without males.

To get the Y chromosome out of an X chromosome, you lose one of your points, thus the chromosome is defected, which is why a man has the same components on his body that the woman does. For example, the breasts and nipples, however, men don't breast feed. Men are a genetic defect of a woman. A woman not only breast feeds her children, but she nurtures the whole world with her wisdom. This is seen in the mother child statue of ancient egipt, of the seated woman breast feeding the child, who not only symbolizes a woman, but wears the horn of the bull. So she takes on the role of woman and man, or a symbol of Hathor and Re. To find the first being, anthropologists had to use 147 pregnant women to donate their babies' placentas to science. The placenta is the easiest way to get large samples of body tissue. These biologists selected women in America with ancestors from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. After the babies were born the placentas were gathered and frozen. The tissues were grounded in a souped-up warring blender, spun in a centrifuge, mixed with a cell-breaking detergent, dyed fluorescent, and spun again in a centrifuge again. The result was a clear liquid containing pure DNA. This was the DNA in the nucleus of the babies' cells. This DNA came from outside the nucleus, in a compartment of the cell called the mitochondrion, which produces nearly all the energy to keep the cell alive. The mitochondria DNA is only inherited from the mother. Its not Its not a mixture of both parents' genes like nuclear DNA, so it preserves a family record that isn't scrambled in every generation. The word, "mitochondria" is from the New Latin: Greek mitos, warp thread + Greek khondrion, diminutive of khondros, meaning "grain, granule." If a woman fails to have a baby her genes will disappear because the mitochondria DNA does not pass on. The same way you are taught that a family name disappears if a son is not born, so it is with mitochondria. This was a deliberate attempt by men to suppress the dominating gene in women, by placing the philosophy that without a son, the family lineage dies.
Dec 25, 2017 9:48 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
The Y chromosome comes from female scientists, as Ninti, known as Mother Ninti or Nunet, who experimented with the side of an X chromosome maiming it by removing 2.8% of X chromosomes. This resulted in a maimed lower right stem, giving the appearance of a Y, which produces less genetic materials, resulting in a Y chromosome, called chromosomal manipulation, a well know experiment today. Trust us, there are many clones and alien-human hybrids walking around. The only problem is very few Americans are capable of recognizing them. We can go on and on about how women were at one time asexual, or how much smarter women are than men, but at this space and time continuum, it may not be kosher, due to a rising battle between women and men across the globe. Eastern stars and freemasons, along with military and government forces, are behind ripping apart the Trump Administration. Blackmen, who are accused of crimes and was on the run in North Carolina and South Carolina, at the orders of eastern stars and freemasons, are being murdered while on the run, and lies are being told to the public that they are committing suicide. Hotels and Motels with low income Guests are being closed down. And those that are open is being used as surveillance facilities, and will close down after a while as well. The secret government, and countless secret societies, are targeting the threats to the New World Order, and is having them eliminated! Everyone is relying on the many clones, alien-human hybrids, and confused human youth as the tool for the takeover.

These so-called protests everywhere is part of the finishing touches for the New World Order. Not only was many of the evil elements within the many protests pre-planned prior to now, but each and every evil element is being groomed daily by their superiors. Clones and evil alien-human hybrids are passing themselves off as humans, is joining all sorts of protests, and is destroying things from the inside out, like a horrible infection. There are black clones and alien-human hybrids. There are caucasian clones and alien-human hybrids. And there is a large number of immigrants who are alien-human hybrids hell-bent on destroying America for the next phase. Genetic engineered black and caucasian men are responsible for massive crime, incredible computer hacking, and attacks on human black and caucasian men. Genetic engineered black and caucasian women are not only deep within women right's movements, but are also very useful tools for destroying communities. Woe unto those who are targets of the government, freemasons, and eastern stars at this time. As this document is being formulated, more and more humans are becoming homeless. The Shadow DEA, who is responsible for the new drugs on the streets all across America, has plotted to end charity from Churches and other religious institutions. Together, with the aid of eastern stars, freemasons, certain police officers, and thousands of youth, its now being difficult for charitable institutions to tell the difference between drug addicts and people in need. So they are denying thousands of Americans assistance claiming that criteria is getting more stringent. Its almost impossible to tell the difference between drug addicts and people with mental disorders! This was a very strong move by the Pentagon, and other alphabet agencies across the globe working with the Pentagon to fulfill the New World Order.
Dec 25, 2017 9:49 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Even Google is working with Verizon Wireless Communications. Several workers at Verizon claim that Google, if Customers change their phone numbers, is shutting down Google email accounts until the new numbers are in snyc with the accounts. If you change your number 5 times, it is said that Google will sign you out of your email account until they get your new number! Americans are being cataloged and tagged in 2017, for 2018. The Company ordering their employees to accept micro-chip implants in Wisconsin is only the beingging to a horror everyone took for granted, and thought was a phantasy. Democrats are using the youth to target police and others within communities, and many Republicans are using their tools to start race riots. And while conspiring behind closed doors, these parties have already had their fall guys picked out who'll take the heat for the many crimes once Americans figured it out. America is being destroyed, and with the youth out of control, the powers that be think that they are unstoppable! Democrats, especially black eastern stars and freemasons, are targeting any blacks who not only oppose whats going on, but is verbally speaking out. Many blackmen are being targeted by black women. Many caucasian men are being targeted by caucasian women. And in the scheme of all this, freaks are being placed into society who are killing either the men or the women, and laws, policies, and newer practices is being revealed and executed. They are even using people who is cripple or with disablities, against Americans, by first showing their informants photos of those targeted. Blacks and caucasians, if you are within protests, need to know who it is that is around you. They are working against you from the inside, and what you are protesting is being turned into planned riots. American enemies are, eatsern stars, freemasons, the shadow government, the shadow DEA, the FBI, reptilian-human hybrid police officers, and reptilian-human hybrid black and caucasian police officers pushing racism within communities! And the key to all of this is the control they have over you financially.

It will get worse, financially, in America, and more and more of you will probably lose your minds! They will harness your frustration and anger, and will direct it in a way that supports their agenda! Also, at this time, blacks and caucasians being bought out, and is turning against their own races. Black and caucasian eastern stars within Washington, DC, are going at President Trump, citing that he is racist, and is a threat to American citizens. Notice how they use the term, "American citizens." This American citizen title doesn't apply to felons, or people in prisons and jails. So large numbers of blacks, latinos, and caucasians, isn't under their new plan. They will fade you out folks! And most of them, within their own states, have record numbers of Americans within their prisons and jails. Human women need to wake up! Human men need to wake up! Do you really want to know why they passed federal laws forcing landowners to have lead based paint removed from houses in the 1990's? Whether you believe it or not, lead protects against radiation and xrays. Check it out for yourselves. The governent payed people to claim that their cancer came from lead based paint prior to passing federal laws. And some of these folks never had cancer at all! The doctors they seen were all part of the federal government, and the so-called cancer therapeutic specialists they seen was part of the federal government. The lead based paint made it very difficult for planes flying over your homes to see within your homes. Other devices tied in with Smart Meters would not have worked either. Human women are getting breat cancer because your homes are being scanned day and night with xrays.
Dec 25, 2017 9:49 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Many of your jobs also have xrays. Diabetes is being caused by wifi frequencies, combined with other electromagnetic chaos devices, and many of the foods you eat. Everything you are being fed about your health on the news, and on television as a whole, is nothing but 99.9% lies. They apply just a little bit of truth to bait you in. Your grand parents, and your great grandparents lived in lead based paint homes for over 100 years and more, without anyone contracting cancer from the lead. These special interest groups, even after being the first to read this, have the money and the power to re-write history. They can supplant new cases in very old texts, and make it appear as if they were there the entire time. Then eastern stars and freemasons come in and mentally groom their communities in these lies while spreading money in so-called charitable events, or just paying parties behind closed doors. Blacks in America are viewed as uneducated by Africans who know this, and caucasians are viewed as uneducated by Europeans who know this! Instead of Americans loving and supporting all families on the planet earth, you have allowed yourselves to be tricked into thinking that America is against the world! And while you held that egotism close to you, the Bilderbergs, and all tied in with them, destroyed smaller countries and turned the people against Americans. They fuel the fire on a daily basis using local and national news medias. Your hate towards other countries have gotten stronger and stronger. Or is it that many human Americans have been killed or is in prisons, and those now shown in the spotlight all of the time are alien-human hybrids and clones, passing themselves off as humans. An alien-human hybrid may fool most because they may mimic humans, and appear to show emotions. A hybrid in 2017, is one who can show emotion and kill, or have killed a human, while they are yet crying (appear to shed tears). Throughout the years, their creators upgraded their chromosome makeup after witnessing their creation's many defects.

Caucasians must understand that reptilians chose your race to be in the image and after the likeness of because you were considered the one who held the most power around the globe. Once this was figured out by humans, and exposed, they then focused on the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Now there is hybrids involved with everything, including television commercials. Even parties within the Bush Administration revealed how they witnessed the Bushes shape-shifting. They swore, under masonic oaths, that the Bushes could never be around humans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, before some part of their chromosome makeup started convulsing.
Dec 25, 2017 9:50 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Under the Clinton Administration, parties within their fold swore, under masonic oaths, how Hillary took part in rituals where little babies were brutally sacrificed for Molech, and the flesh was later eaten. Benevolent eastern stars in Europe also revealed how Hillary Rodham Clinton was tied into rituals where young women were held in dungeons from young ages, but of certain blood types and bloodlines, were raped by the men in the fraternity, and the babies were used in sacrifices! Pope Francis even spoke about how humans must accept alien-human hybrids in several speeches in Latin. Many hybrids he supported are part of a non-profit organization known as UNICEF. These children have even been on television, and you could not only see what was going on with their pupils while doing these commercials, but the pores in their skin contracted as if they were breathing through their pores. Eastern stars, freemasons, and countless other secret societies are tricky folks! When they view themselves soon to lose their physical bodies (die), they will trick anyone into sacrificing to their god, which not only binds the initiate, but also gains the dying honor amongst the ranks for Molech. In 2017, there are many blackmen with caucasian women, and caucasian men with black women. But there is another breed of women who are working using racism and New World Order tactics. Together with companies like Verizon Wireless, AT&T Communications, Cox Communication, Comcast Communications, and Google, who also tracks cell phones, police know numbers being called, and conversations being discussed.

Surveillance devices like Stingrays and Rangers, are obsolete. They really don't have to use them if they din't want to. And it isn't all police who are this way. Its the feds or the military within the police departments, who are your maniac cops! These rogue cops invade cell phone towers illegally, and is above the law! Democrats uses this amongst the youth, in order to stir up chaos; all tying in with their global agendas. And while Democrats and Republicans are working together, it appears that only Americans seem to be forgetting this valuable information on a weekly basis. Americans must understand that once a false belief becomes established in the Zeitgeist, it is very difficult to change the minds of the consensus, essentially because the system invents supposed facts in order to support it. Ockham’s razor warns us against inventing a multiplicity of theories or hypothesis or jumping to outrageous conclusions about subject matter that may be seen as mysterious. Many Americans are aware that the first White House was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and that the Order of the Illuminati was also within the Commonwealth State. But what Americans don't know is if you traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the capitol of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as you head into the downtown area, you will see a sign on the right with a "G" in the middle of a square and a compass. The entire city is ran by freemasons who have sucked dry the city's wealth. Harrisburg looks to be one of the most poverty stricken Capitols, outranking other Capitols across the U.S. Between, and within Hershey and Harrisburg, Pa., there is some very influencial freemasons who have manipulated the population to the point where everyone polices everyone. Take for an instance if you are black, latino, hindu, or any other person of color, and you were visiting Hershey or Harrisburg. You will not only be watched the entire time you are within the radius of the two cities, and neighboring townships, but everything you do will be analyzed.
Dec 25, 2017 9:50 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Many white supremacists rule the regions at the orders and instructions of powerful local freemasons. Countless numbers of them travel from around York, Pennsylvania, spreading terror everywhere. And the masonic connection is so intense that police seem to focus their attention more in minority communities rather than with mass racism against minorities. And even as this document is being formulated, you can best believe they have multiple informants working for oppressive and conspiracists forces to not only debunk these facts, but to also monitor the activities of members of various social websites. If Americans were to visit Harrisburg, Pa., you'll witness poverty in the downtown area that will make you wonder where all the money went. You'll see blacks, caucasians, and latinos, dressed as if poverty has gotten the best of them. You'll witness Christian Organzations ministering to them, telling them about the upcoming New World Order, police brutality and racial profiling, illegal surveillance involving Stingrays, Rangers, and other devices. Many people in Harrisburg is really disturbed about police use of Rangers, which is attached to the side of their homes or apartments, outside of their knowledge, that is capable of viewing everything going on inside their homes. Yet, these same Christians is instructing all listening to them to accept everything thats happening, and is about to happen to them, and instructs not to fight back against forces which is about to force themselves into homes and remove guns, religious material, et cetera. Christian leaders in the region tells their listeners to only focus on getting closer to Jesus. Obey and prepare to die they say! According to one Security Officer, when blacks and latinos visit Hershey, Pa., police will time and monitor them on the many cameras. They are watched intensely and better not stay in Hershey more than a day or two, because they will be targeted. And for those who stay in motels in Hershey and have laptops or computers, your internet activity will be monitored, and will be spreaded within many regions within Hershey to various parties. Some of the parties are so confident with how money has power in the area that they'll walk up and tell the party who used the internet, what he/she was doing. Some say that specific freemasons, the FBI within police departments, or military personnel that are within police uniforms, who has ties to white power (those who believe caucasians should rule over everyone else), are responsible.

Many races in Harrisburg declare that freemasons who are police officers, and other freemasons with different occupations, conspire against anyone who speaks out against the corruption, and have them dealt with one way or another! Suspecting their neighbor of evil, or suspecting the stranger is a tactic used to keep people divided. Its so bad that blacks who work within downtown Harrisburg think they are better than those who don't. Its a shame! Americans must understand that white supremacists isn't working with the Republican Party right now. They are working with Democrats, which is why white supremacists firebombed a Republican building in Hillsborough, North Carolina, over the past weekend. Nearly all youths nation-wide believe that after the Presidential Elections Americans will go to war with one another, which is being guided by freemasons and the Shadow Government. Many of today's youth, all across the globe, are corrupted because of the President of the United Nations Youth Council. This President, who was appointed by a U.S. President, mentally groomed the youth in a way for the past 30 years, to where they wouldn't respect their elders anymore, and would become totally against the rules of their parents. This ties into the Leviathan 666 doctrine folks. The Ambassador of the U.S. to the Court of Saint James, who is also appointed by the U.S. President, has manipulated religion, et cetera.
Dec 25, 2017 9:50 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
During the last Presidential Campaign, Hillary Clinton's Campaign stated that if Hillary wasn't elected as President of the U.S., the entire country will be placed on nation-wide Martial law, by 2018, which is why many Nato vehicles have been seen all across America in deep southern states. Is all of this coincidence? Caucasians, African Americans, and latinos, better pay attention to Hillary, and thousands of her supporters, using armed forces to take away your guns by force! Hillary stated in the last debate that if any American is considered too dangerous to fly, then they're too dangerous to buy a gun. She says the government will be your mothers and fathers, and will decide your success and your punishments. Imagine that! She still have the power to carry this out even if she is not President because she is related to the Queen of England by blood, and have serious blood ties to the Rothschilds. And for those of you who have been convicted of felony charges, they will fade you out. Both corrupt Republicans and Democrats used pretenders on the Craigslist and other websites, to post ads all across America denouncing those convicted of felony convictions. If you were convicted of felony convictions at least 30 or 40 years ago, you won't be granted the right to good jobs, and all across America, you won't get apartments or homes in your name. This is the legal form of discrimination! Its designed to fade you out of society, and after your demise, there will arise newer felons who shall also repeat the cycle. Now where will you go? Freemasons will keep their surveillance on you, making sure you don't get any breaks. In fact, most of the biggest Corporations are ran, respectively, by homosexuals who were on the Clinton Machine for over 30 years. They also took part in blood oaths and sacrifices, as well as Cremation of Care Rituals. Hillary will never tell the full truth of anything because of so many blood oaths. Most of the oaths will convict the betrayer of sworn secrecy, to death or suicide, should they betray the oath. Darren Walker, an African American homosexual male, who is President of the Ford Foundation, decided to send jobs to Mexico, and who is also a Boule Society Member, exploits children the same as the Clintons. Exploiting children for New World Order Globalization Orders ties into Hillary's " women's stronger together", mantra.

Americans don't believe the New World Order will be about eating human flesh? Then ask what happened to the accusers of Hillary Clinton, in Europe, who were hospitalized after her Secret Societies had them locked away within chains in dungeons. Ask about how babies were being sacrificed, their blood drained into chalices and drunk by all members, as the mothers watched while chained to walls. ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, CNN News, MSNBC News, and others will never air this because many of them were involved in their own blood consuming and cannibalism rituals. They even walk around in what looks like leather, but is really the skin of children and other humans. Hillary Clinton, whether Donald Trump knows it or not, is being helped by the Queen of England, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Rothschild Middletown, the Rothschilds, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and many many more. Hillary Clinton is connected to the Queen of England, the Rothschilds, and countless others within the 13 Royal colonies, by blood, the same as President Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are on their way to Mars because they plan on destroying earth!
Dec 25, 2017 9:51 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Even the FBI and the CIA, along with Google, which is a CIA Search Engine, is changing all documents and facts, world-wide, to protect Clinton. Each and every allegation against the Clintons is being disected, changed, and fake data is being replaced! The Clintons were the only parties who were able to fool the entire African American and latino communities where all others failed. As the police state octopus stretches gripping tentacles here in the United States, it should come as no surprise that technocrats and the security state are unanimous about the “benefits” of RFID in the area of “Homeland Security.” When linked to massive commercial databases as well as those compiled by the 16 separate agencies of the “intelligence community,” such as the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) that feeds the federal government’s surveillance Leviathan with the names of suspected “terrorists,” it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that the architecture for a vast totalitarian enterprise is off the drawing board and ready to be implemented. The grooming process has already begun with smartphones and their convenient use for buying goods and services and also accounting payments for goods and services. Money is seldom used now as these phones are used to exchange currency that is not even seen. Like it or not, personal cash is becoming a dinosaur and your smart phones and your credit cards are now the preferred transactional utility and the gradual conditioning of people to use these in lieu of cash will be the mortar for the foundation for the new age of economic totalitarianism that confronts us. Taking away cash is just one more way to take away privacy. It is a move for the surveillance state. Cash is anonymous. Having your transactions tracked with no cash exchanges is going to be yet another affront to our personal freedoms.

In the workplace, biometric chips are being used for identification and keeping track of work hours. One firm in Sweden has allowed employees to choose chips over a work pass, with 400 taking up the offer. Other uses might include children tapping on their implant area to let parents know they are at school safely, refugees checking in at camps or women at shelters. It can share diet, exercise and sleep information with you and your doctor, and the next generation could even release medicine as and when you need it. Microchips are now fixed to car windshields as toll-paying devices, on “contactless” payment cards. They’re embedded in Michelin tires, library books, passports, work uniforms, luggage, and, unbeknownst to many consumers, on a host of individual items, from Hewlett Packard printers to Sanyo TVs, at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Soon it will be inevitable, everyone will receive a microchip under a Clinton Presidency.
Dec 25, 2017 9:52 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Remember, Hillary Clinton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Obamas, the Bidens, and countless others in cahoots work for the Rothschilds. Separation and hate is being utitlized in military mode right now in America. It seems the new American strategy is that if we find someone who says anything we are uncomfortable with, the best thing for them is to be beaten, or exploited, censured, censored, arrested and eventually silenced. It appears far easier for Americans to dismiss someone than to engage them and challenge their position. There is, most definitely, a conspiracy to change the ideology of America and its social values. This is being done to guarantee a blow back of those individuals that are ready to radicalize and create a reason for the new American police state. We will either see the political contingency both Republican and Democrat disintegrate for lack of fundamental agreement or we will see a point where disagreements, cultural upheaval and civil clashes will be addressed in a limited civil war between the people, the government and those who are chosen to enforce order. If you are worried about one administration suspending an election in order to deal with matters of war and combatants in our back yard, then all that is needed is continuance of the negation of the rule of law, continued intolerance, hate, and the silencing of those who speak their minds. Americans are not realizing that gradually, they are beginning to hate many things that are happening around them.

Kali Ma, called the “Dark Mother,” is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. She is especially known in her Destroyer aspect, squatting over her dead consort, Shiva because in order to stop her, he threw himself under her feet. Kali, in this aspect is said to be “The hungry earth, which devours its own children foe their blood and fattens on their corpses…” Kali serves as the archetypal image of the birth-and-death Mother, simultaneously the womb and tomb, giver of life as well as the devourer of her children. Many western interpretations of Kali in art and literature just depict the destructive aspect of this goddess, which tend to portray her as fearsome and evil. In the London Museum, there is an image of her which is labeled “Kali-Destroying Demon.” This deity is mentioned in a brief paragraph as the consort of Shiva, and “a goddess of disease.” Kali Ma is said to have become more powerful after she drank the blood of her victims. In some artists depictions, she is seen with blood dripping from her tongue. The Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, was born in Transylvania in 1560. She was born into a privileged family whose members included knights, cardinals, and kings. She spent her days living a life of privilege surrounded by great wealth, always being taught the ways of an aristocrat. However, Elizabeth also had some other unique instruction. She was instructed in the dark arts by her uncle, an alchemist, and was introduced to witchcraft and sadomasochism by one of her aunts.
Dec 25, 2017 9:52 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Rumors about the Countess’s brutal nature began circulating in 1602. Countess Bathory passed the time and drudgery of ruling over her 17 villages by torturing servants for her own amusement. Not satisfied with the occasional beatings, Bathory quickly graduated to hot pokers, needles under fingernails, and stitching mouths shut. She also had a fondness for covering villagers in honey and watching as insects and animals devoured them. Some of Bathory’s other documented wickedness included forcing victims to cook and eat their own flesh, forcing them to stand in buckets of ice outside until they froze to death, starvation, poisoning, and on one occasion having a gypsy man sewn up in to the belly of a dead horse. And these were just a small sample of what she was accused of at her trial. After her death, it was revealed that she enjoyed bathing in the blood of her victims as well as drinking it in order to maintain her youth. Bloodletting and even modern blood drinking has always been a controversial idea. In the yarns of conspiracy theory, this stokes the fires of a 6000 year old secret regarding the 0.5% elites; from Royal families to world rulers that bloodlines and ritual blood drinking continues today and that youthful blood keeps them living longer. Is it a coincidence the Queen Mother lived to be 101? Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, her husband, drinks the blood of the young to stay alive. In 2011, there were witnesses from the First Nation Schools in Canada that came forward to tell horrific stories of how Mohawk children the disappeared or were killed or sacrificed.

Nearly 500,000 graves were found, at the Mohawk Institute, which was a residential school for Mohawk Indians operated by the Church of England and the Vatican before its closure in 1970. All of the graves were children. According to Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States the Mohawk Institute was “set up by the Anglican Church of England in 1832 to imprison and destroy generations of Mohawk children. This very first Indian [First Nations] residential school in Canada lasted until 1970, and, like in most residential schools, more than half of the children imprisoned there never returned. Many of them are buried all around the school. There were many First Nation residential schools owned by the Vatican and the Crown and many witnesses have come forward as far back as 2008 commenting about the Queen and Prince Phillip arriving at the schools selecting an even number of boys and girls and then having them taken from the schools never to be seen again. The account allegedly happened in 1964. One of the witnesses that made this claim was 59 year old William Combes. He stated that in 1964, Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth arrived at the Catholic school in Kamloops, B.C. and selected 10 children. They had the children removed from the school. None of the children were ever seen again.
Dec 25, 2017 9:53 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
The group that disappeared were seven boys and three girls, in age from six to fourteen years old. In the book, Mummies Cannibals and Vampires, by Dr. Richard Sugg, it is reported that in medieval Europe medicinal cannibalism was practiced by people of Royal stature. It was believed that eating human fat, drinking blood, and eating brains from skulls could cure anything from nosebleeds to heart problems. In the heyday of medicinal cannibalism, bodies or bones were routinely taken from Egyptian tombs and European graveyards. Not only that, but some way into the eighteenth century one of the biggest imports from Ireland into Britain were human skulls. Skulls were routinely ground up and they had oil distilled from them. It was used to cure all kinds of ills. The concoction was often called the ‘King’s Drops.” Throughout history, cultures across the globe have extolled the properties of youthful blood, with children sacrificed and the blood of young warriors drunk by the victors. Of course now we have modern medicine and these ancient practices of blood drinking and skullduggery have escaped us right? Of course now, we have modern medicine and these ancient practices of blood drinking and skullduggery have escaped us, right? Well, not exactly. New information is now being reported where blood drinking or youthful blood transfusions are now out in the open. Years ago, it was rumored that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-II injected himself with blood from healthy young virgins to slow the ageing process. Many of our leaders are living very long lives. George H.W, Bush, and Henry Kissinger, to name a few.

Scientists have found that young blood actually “recharges” the brain, forms new blood vessels and improves memory and learning. There are also vampire facelifts where red blood cells are taken from platelets and are injected in the skin to make it look more youthful. In parallel research, scientists at Harvard University two years ago discovered that a “youth protein” which circulates in the blood is responsible for keeping the brain and muscles young and strong. The protein, known as “GDF11,” is present in the bloodstream in large quantities when we are young but diminishes as we age. So far, these procedures are considered high-priced and are mainly being used as a way the elite can remain youthful and vibrant. Ambrosia, a startup based in Monterey, California, was starting a clinical trial to rejuvenate people over 35 by injecting them with young people’s blood. The company was piggybacking on research, such as the 2014 studies by Harvard Stem Cell Institute researcher Amy Wagers, that suggest linking the circulatory system of young mice to old mice facilitate rejuvenation in the elderly mice. This kind of surgery is called, parabiosis, and has existed since the 1860’s. In these studies, the researchers surgically sewed the skin of the two mice together, exposing the old circulatory system to young blood. The studies suggest a correlation between the procedure and improvement of the appearance and function of the weakened, enlarged hearts of older mice.
Dec 25, 2017 9:53 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
In their trial, Ambrosia was not using whole blood, but only plasma transfusions. Participants in the trial underwent plasma transfusions from donors less than 25 years old. The company was testing the blood before, and 1 month after, the procedure for over 100 blood biomarkers. The trial had generated much interest, including PayPal co-founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel. He himself was willing to try out young plasma transfusions, according to Inc. But Thiel was not the only party interested in the trial. Ambrosia was experiencing push back, with critics questioning the methodology and benefits of the transfusions. Critics pointed out the pay-to-participate model of the trial, likening it to unproven stem-cell clinics cropping up all over the United States. Participants was to be paying $8,000, which was supposedly covered the cost of plasma from a blood bank, lab tests, the ethics review, insurance, and an administrative fee. Another point of contention is the way the trial was being ran. There a** no control group in the trial, and no placebos were to be used. Also, the participants didn’t have to be sick or elderly to join; all they needed was to be 35 and above, and have $8,000. There was also the fact that there were no well-accepted biomarkers for aging in the blood. This type of blood therapy been in use by our leaders for thousands of years, and there is power in human blood! Our so-called leaders, like the Royal Family, and some of our presidents, including Hillary, feel they have a divine rite to rule because of their bloodline! When you see an aging billionaire like Peter Thiel wanting plasma transfusions based on the science of parabiosis, you have to wonder if he was notified of the secret that all elites have known about for millennia.

What is the current state of the science in terms of parabiosis and anti-aging effects? Any specific health claims for humans is definitely unproven at this time, but the research is intriguing. Experiments were first conducted in 1864 by Physiologist Paul Bert. He cut the skin of two mice, and then sewed them together. When they healed together, their blood vessels combined, enough so that they essentially shared their circulatory systems. This technique became popular for studying physiology. Researchers could discover if blood factors affected some physiological property. The technique could be used to study the effects of hormones, for example. In the 1950's, researchers connected old mice to young mice to determine its effects. They found that the old mice experienced numerous rejuvenating effects. Many biomarkers of youth returned, and the mice lived longer. The younger mice connected to older mice also had shorter life spans. Parabiosis experiments died out in the 1970's, partly because researchers had learned what they could from the technique, and regulations of animal research made it more challenging to conduct the experiments. If plasma is enough, then what effect does it have? Can it treat diseases like Alzheimer’s? Can it increase lifespan? How long do the effects last? Critically; are there any risks or side effects? The mouse research revealed what was called, parabiosis disease. In an experiment with 69 mouse pairs, 11 of them died quickly. It is believed this was from some incompatibility, a form of rejection. This has been reduced in later experiments by using genetically matched inbred mouse strains. So, how carefully matched do the plasma donors have to be to the recipients?
Dec 25, 2017 9:54 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Some researchers object to the notion that young plasma transfusions should be considered “rejuvenation.” No cells are being rejuvenated, they are just being stimulated into working harder. This may provide a temporary benefit, but is unlikely to significantly affect aging. However, circumstances seem to show that if the rumors are true about the vampire nature of our leaders and if billionaires see fit to hook themselves up with the blood of children – there seems to be a desperate attempt to reap all that can be found in the land of blood and honey.

DECEMBER 25, 2017
Dec 25, 2017 11:12 PM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
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Women are great, ain't they? beer
Dec 26, 2017 2:53 AM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Sanguinarium: Some researchers object to the notion that young plasma transfusions should be considered “rejuvenation.” No cells are being rejuvenated, they are just being stimulated into working harder. This may provide a temporary benefit, but is unlikely to significantly affect aging. However, circumstances seem to show that if the rumors are true about the vampire nature of our leaders and if billionaires see fit to hook themselves up with the blood of children – there seems to be a desperate attempt to reap all that can be found in the land of blood and honey.

DECEMBER 25, 2017

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And you wonder why your posts get pushed out of the main page doh doh doh
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rizlared: And you wonder why your posts get pushed out of the main page

It's a pity that being a crashing bore isn't sufficient to get this crashing bore booted off here permanently.
Dec 26, 2017 3:06 AM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
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serene56: It's a pity that being a crashing bore isn't sufficient to get this crashing bore booted off here permanently.

Did you get further than the first few sentences? I didn't rolling on the floor laughing
I mean is she for real?confused
It's a laugh a minute on hererolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Dec 26, 2017 3:29 AM CST THE RISE OF WOMEN
Demeter123: Did you get further than the first few sentences? I didn't
I mean is she for real?
It's a laugh a minute on here

Oh god no laugh

I don't have sufficient hot needles to poke in my eyeballs rolling on the floor laughing

Just saw Riz had posted and he's mostly on the mark in my book lol thumbs up laugh wave
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serene56: It's a pity that being a crashing bore isn't sufficient to get this crashing bore booted off here permanently.

There are some interesting genetic facts there, although the treatment of them is not very scientific laugh

The question is:

Why is Sanguinarium allowed to post his horse-manure?

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Sanguinarium: Some researchers object to the notion that young plasma transfusions should be considered “rejuvenation.” No cells are being rejuvenated, they are just being stimulated into working harder. This may provide a temporary benefit, but is unlikely to significantly affect aging. However, circumstances seem to show that if the rumors are true about the vampire nature of our leaders and if billionaires see fit to hook themselves up with the blood of children – there seems to be a desperate attempt to reap all that can be found in the land of blood and honey.

DECEMBER 25, 2017

It's in your head bru, you need to go to a woman, smile, and say hi. don't be afraid.

he´s mad 'cause women don't want him.
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