The...."sOcIaL RomAnTic GeNiuS" (4)

Jul 12, 2018 9:39 PM CST The...."sOcIaL RomAnTic GeNiuS"
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All You Love Struck Women Out There...
This Super Romantic Genius, Awaits Your Response...

After Hav'n A Few Beers In The Phoenix Park, A While Ago....
I Start Walk'n Home, Through The Park, Towards The Castleknock Gates.

Suddenly.... Out Of The Blue.
Coming Towards Me, Is a, Swerving Patrol Car...

Drivin By The Worst Drink Drivers In The Country...

The "GARDAI"...


They Stop, Just In Time, To Avoid Smashing Into Me.
As They Swerved, And Smashed There Run Down Patrol Car, Into The Revene. ..

Hitting A Poor O'l, Innocent Man Walk'n His Cat...?

They Panic'd & Leapt From Their Outdated Patrol Car
As 2 Bright Blue Lights Suddenly Appear In The Sky...

They Sh*t Themselves Uncontrollably, Destroying There Uniforms...
Smelling Of Dirty Under Pants.
As They Franticly Made Their Getaway Into The Night.
Knocking Over Some Deer's Along The Way.

As I Looked Up, I Noticed, The Lights Were Actually Coming From An Alien Space Craft.


I Leapt, Into Their Abandoned Patrol Car To Flee...
And, As I Turn The Ignition.
The Doors Suddenly Lock "By Themselves" Trapping Me Inside.

The Aliens Spoke To Me (Through The Car Stereo?) There Message, Was This?...//
That I Would Be Givin' A Special Gift, & By Using This Special Gift.
I Would Inherit Special Super Human Abilities, I Would Become A ..

"Super Hero"

"Unfortunetly Though" ...They Said...

That I'd Have To Work Closely With The Eegits In Blue.
The Useless Uniformed Traffic Idiots.
To Help Them Solve Some Crimes, As They Were Incapable Of Solving Crimes By Themselves.

The Aliens Teleport Me A Black.............. Nike Sports Bag.
Which Appears, Next To Me On The Passenger Seat.
Eager To Find Out Its Contents....?

I Rip It Open...Inside, I Find A Red ....

"Superman" Suit (With Cape)

Uninterested, Uncooperative & Unwilling,

To Work With Dirty Rat Bag's Like......The "Gardai"

I Ignored The Aliens... &, Chose,......"NOT" .....To Use The Suit, To Fight Crime, And Change The World.

But Instead,...

To Use The Suit ........To Change The World For One... "LUCKY LADY"

Unfortunately Though??

As I Took The Suit from The Bag, The Instructions Blew Away.
Since Then, Iv'e Been Try'n To Figure Out How To Use The Suit...

But Without The Instructions.. I Couldn't Use The Suit.

I Became... NOT... A "Super Hero.
But A "Super Looser".

For Example...

Whenever I Try To Say The Right Thing - I Say The Wrong Thing
Whenever I Try To Protect A Woman, - I Get Bashed
Whenever I Try To Help The "Gardai" - I Get Arrested
Whenever I Try To Fly - I Hurt Myself

So, Lady's Please. ......???

Next Time Your Strolling Through The Phoenix Park..............
Please Keep An Eye Out For A Set Of Instructions In Alien Language.

I Would Leave A Contact Number..

But My Phone Does'nt Work On This Planet.....


I'm Appearing on. Dragon's Den

Tuesday Week... RTE.. 8pm

Have a Great Solution to Speed up The Dating Process...?

Only Gonn'a ask for 100 Billion... for 5% Stake...

Would you like to accompany me...?? ....RTE's Free Bar

The...."sOcIaL RomAnTic GeNiuS"
Jul 13, 2018 2:38 PM CST The...."sOcIaL RomAnTic GeNiuS"
We´ve read this s* at least 5 times already
Jul 14, 2018 7:31 AM CST The...."sOcIaL RomAnTic GeNiuS"
pat8lanipspat8lanipsbabinda, Queensland Australia64 Threads 11 Polls 6,569 Posts
I'd read it 5 more times.
Jul 14, 2018 1:59 PM CST The...."sOcIaL RomAnTic GeNiuS"
pat8lanips: I'd read it 5 more times.
What, are you going to brag about it then?
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