AUGUST 15, 2018
4:32 PM

Eithin the thread entitled, "AMERICANS ARE SLEEPING ON CONNECTICUT, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, AND NORTH CAROLINA", we had covered much ground on massive conspiracies against American humans. We also spoke about the diabolical uses of evil alien human hybrids targeting ordinary Americans, et cetera. We also spoke about a blackman traveling from church to church in Stratford, Connecticut, in hopes of receiving some sort of help. Those churches don't respect black people, and many of them will use excuses like people implementing scams, just to justify not helping black people. But what seems to be overlooked in America is that historical slavery and the masterminding of it orginated in Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. Thus, in the northeastern sections of America, black people iare in severe mental chains and shackles moreso than those within southern territories. Black people are used to empower both racism and white supremacy against their own race that is being upheld by both law enforcement and the courts. Many blacks are being forced to leave Connecticut because it is becoming a state for the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor. The blackman spoken about in the thread entitled, "AMERICANS ARE SLEEPING ON CONNECTICUT, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, AND NORTH CAROLINA", who was out on the streets with all of his appliances and things on Friday, August 10, 2018, received some help for him and his wife from complete strangers. They were on Honeyspot road in Stratford, Connecticut, in front of the Honeyspot Motor Inn, a bug and rat infested edifice that has been on the news on several occasions. But the news would never cover how the Hindu Indian owners were dehumanizing Americans. They only covered drug busts and drug overdoses at the motel. In Connecticut, there are the Haves and the Have Nots. Those who have conspire against those that don't and all sorts of illegal behind the scene things take place which also involves police. However, the blackman spoken about managed to get help from starngers but Stratford Police had to get involved. So they slithered their way upon the blackman after the thread was posted on this website, and partie read it.

They worked to protect all of those who were implicated within the thread. They connected with those churches implicated and they all came up with defense strategies as Connecticugt always does. Like in both Massachusetts and New York, anytime people in some sort of power are complained about authorities who are connected with them in some way will find a way to protect them with lies and deceit. They have been known to cohearse lies with complete strangers and will pay them to testify about things they have no actual knowledge of. A crime can be committed against the poor by one of the Haves, and they will pay someone within your own territory, who don't know you, nor has any personal knowledge about the plight at hand, to witness something they know nothing about. But this is Connecticut's way of doing things. This is New York's way of doing things. And according to Private Investigators, this is Virginia's way of doing things. Also, in retaliation to the thread, "AMERICANS ARE SLEEPING ON CONNECTICUT, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, AND NORTH CAROLINA", which revealed the racism the blackman was going through, police, Parking Enforcement Officers in white Crown Vics Cars, and undercover cops in black Dodges kept their focus on the blackman even until this day.
Black cops are crooked as well, and will work with so-called hard core professional caucasian cops who are really undercover racists. This is why they always conduct NCIC searches on black and latino people that can sometimes take hours. They just have to dig up some sort of dirt to protect their connections. The crooked black cops will sometimes first check and see if the black belongs to a secret society or is a freemason, before unleashing their deception. If the black has no connection to black secret societies, those black cops will try and crush him/her. This is why it was no coincidence that a black cop was seen on video in Maryland, punching a black suspect in the face over and over again. This sort of thing goes on all the time but just doesn't get the video coverage 98% of the time.
On Honeyspot road in Stratford, Connecticut, there are many black people without food, and non-profits scheme and connive against them, while using lies to cover their actions ahead of time. In nearly every caucasian church they teacj that all blackmen are scammers and liars. This was verified by poor caucasians who have visited these racist and sadistic churches. Undercover cops and others protect them by carrying out covert operations behind the scenes. And the merits within very legitimate complaints seem to somehow get crushed. White supremacist freemasons are some of the most ruthless forces on the planet and Americans shouldn't go to sleep on them. They move around in stealth most of the time, and spend alot of money to see to it that their identities are never found out. Black freemasons usually work with and for them which is why sometimes it appears impossible for black and latino people to get justice behind strategic racism and its dynamics. In Stratford, many blacks and poor caucasians are forced to stand out on the street coprners and panhandle for food. But there are those caucasians who will drive past them and call police. Police will then tell them that they cannot stand out on the streets and panhandle for food. One parking Enforcenment Offricer, a caucaswian male of around 35 to 42 years of age, told one person trying to feed themselves that they are not suppose to solicit. The female told him that she was from another state and noone will help her and her family with food. He told her that he didn't care and people who know him say that he is one of those people that will block every attempt a person makes to get food the honest way. He is one of those that is part of a ring to force poor people to committ crimes. Its sad but true.
And the sad thing about those in power within Stratford, Bridgeport, New Haven, North Haven, Hartford, Bristol, Berlin, Newington, Meriden, Middletown, et cetera, who use police and everyone tied in with law enforcement, is that they all operate on secrecy. There is a known fact that many of them, along with their police counterparts, are amongst the adulterers, paedophiles, thieves, murderers, gluttons, scoundrels, and covetous morons. And like in mot towns across the U.S., there are those who daily record each and every one of them. Nearly evry cop and person with plenty of money in Connecticut has something over their heads. Its just like in New york. The cops are a distraction from whats really going in America and across the globe. They are paid to keep Americans distracted. This is why Americans don't know that the war on classes oand on genders is part of a larger plan to snuff out the very elect. The war aganst Mexicans and Latinos is a Proxy war. People have spoken about it. They are going after the gays and the lesbians. people have spoken about it. They are coming for the blacks and poor caucasians. People have spoken about it. One out of very three blackmen is being murdered. People have spoken about it. ThePrison Industrial Complex is the new slave plantation. People have spoken about it. They are going after fact finding Journalists. People have spoken about it. They will soon come after the rest of us. Who will then speak up for us? The plan is to rid the population to less than 1/3 of its present estimate. Food is poisoned. Water is poisoned. The air is poisoned. Your detergents are poisoned. The dye within your clothes are poisoned. Then there are those Hindu Indians running businesses that are robbing the poor. 25 peole who've stayed at the Honeyspot Mortor Inn in Stratford, Connecticut, claim that the Hindu owners are getting food and drink products at certain locations, and are then seling them to Guests with prices hiked up 3 times the normal prices. Police and the feds leave them alone because of how they've aided them with drug busts.

Americans must also understand that not every foreign party staying in the U.S. holds their best interest at heart. The sooner we learn this the better off we will be. White supremacists have some variations of the facts but does alot of distorting these facts to pro,ote hatred and division. Guests at the Honeyspot Mortor Inn also claim that police and Hindu employees plot, hijack, and hack into their computers or Smart Phoes while using the motel's wifi. When people complain, police and Hindu employees lie and conspire with the appropriate authorities to see to it that their illegal actions continue to proceed without bounds. Is this the end game? Is this the only threat against Americans? No! The Technocracy Movement started in the 1930s. It was organized by engineers, scientists, and technicians that proposed the replacement of capitalism with an energy-based economy. George Orwell believed that Technocratic government would result in a Scientific Dictatorship. Technocrats would seek to control all facets of global life through policies and technological methods. Government would consist of technological experts that would base all of their decisions on science and scientific methods. When the Trilateral Commission was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, it quietly adopted a modified version of historic Technocracy to create what it called a “New International Economic Order.” As a result, Technocracy is now the dominant meme of global transformation.
The goals of the technocracy, being that of the Triateral Commission, was the ability for experts and technocrats to transform many cornerstone facets that are the foundations for our way of life. Their goals are to reshape the culture, change the economic system, integrate a socialist government, and to establish an ecumenical religion. The next step would be full spectrum control of the environment including its vital resources. Then humanity itself would need to be transformed through Eugenics directives and Transhuman innovations. This would be done in order to achieve immortality and omniscience. There have been many programs that were developed by Rockefeller Foundation, mostly dealing with biological organisms and the creation of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. When launched in 1990, the Human Genome Project was heralded as a scientific endeavor that would provide answers to some of the most vexing questions about how genetic makeup influences human health. However, beyond the benefits of the project, there was always the slippery slope of knowing that in the future a technocratic dictatorship or a scientific authority would somehow get a hold of your DNA and misuse it for experimentation and for uses in creating biological weapons, vaccines, cloning procedures and other experimental procedures that are not yet foreseen. Some of the work on the Human Genome Project was being done at the Cold Spring Harbor Labs in New York. This was the Old Station for Experimental Evolution and the Eugenics records office and was endowed with funds from the Rockefeller and Harriman families in 1910. It was originally dedicated to the scientific research of racial differences.

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory would hold secret meetings not unlike the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, or the Trilateral commission. Its Banbury Center meetings were about off the record discussions on molecular biology, and human genetics. There were many medical and scientific luminaries and technocrats that would dictate science policy at these meetings. Alongside the physical science of genetic engineering emerged the social science of bioethics, the discipline which decides what is ethical medical practice and research. UNESCO established an International Bioethics Committee in 1993. What used to be called genocide was masked as social engineering, which was carried out for political interests with pseudo-scientific ideas. In matters of life and death, the ruling elite still have the final word. When dealing with human affairs, health and bioethics there is nothing that is not well-planned and thought out. Researchers now speak of a revolution in biomedicine, even disease-free long life. However, it comes with a price. In order to have a full service empire all things must be controlled from our spiritual nature to our mental attitudes, physical health, genetic attributes and who we have relationships with. That is why we are beginning to see that there are too many things now that are becoming part of the political dialogue. The scientific dialogue is also mingled with the political dialogue when speaking of things like Climate Change and health care.
The political dialogue supplants the spiritual dialogue and eliminates the human aspect for what is called the body politic. The religion is politics as it is shaped into the Right-Left paradigm which is creating a form of political sectarianism, with the matrix of the haves and have nots. Whenever you hear the term Christian-Right, or if you use the term, Christian-Right to identify yourself, you have already accepted the idea that your religion is also identified by your political leanings. This also by design as it corners the market on what religion aligns itself with conservative or right wing political affiliation. This creates a schism because there are Christians who see themselves as left-leaning liberals. However, the term Christian-Left is never used as a moniker, thus creating the sectarian division that can be used later as a way to determine loyalty during wars or civil upheaval. Each useful member within the state sponsored religion or party in the technocracy will be a component in the scientific dictatorship’s organized system. The human component of the “system” becomes an entity for the state and every part that nourishes the other must work as a collective and thus we surrender to the corporate self and lose our humanity, little-by-little. We then become the body of the empire, and every component becomes an automaton in the process free of spirituality and with newly found love for the scientific dictatorship. This conjures the looming threat of socialism. That word strikes at the heart for the working American who believes that everything he has saved, put away or has invested will be taken from him and distributed equally to others who have not worked as hard. This socialist system will be established to distribute resources to those who the government feels deserve these things. Once again, in order for all of these things to happen, there must be a way to identify those who are not going to abuse this system.

The identification process will include numeric codes, biometrics and DNA records for further inspection. A medical surveillance apparatus has already been established in the United States and DNA samples have already been gathered in various places of the world. Your DNA can be found in hospitals, crime labs and also through labs like 23 and me and Ancestry DNA. The DNA testing market has exploded, worth approximately $99 million in 2017 and expected to increase to $310 million by 2022. Concerns have also grown about the use of genetic data. Many consumers don’t realize that their personal info may be shared with third-party companies and there have been complaints raised that the companies’ terms of service are not always clear about their policies in such matters. There are also growing concerns about the security of personal DNA data. Last June, Israel-based DNA testing service, MyHeritage, announced a security researcher had uncovered tens of millions of account details for some 92 million customers, including email addresses and hashed passwords. The company said it had no reason to believe user data was compromised, and claimed that users’ DNA data is stored on separate systems. 23andMe and are being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission over their policies for handling personal info and genetic data, and how they share that info with third parties. Privacy issues in the use of such DNA testing kits came to the forefront with the arrest of the alleged Golden State Killer, when it was revealed that police had used data from GEDMatch, a genealogy research site where users upload genealogical and genetic information, to help identify the suspect.
The District Attorney’s office says that the suspect, Joseph DeAngelo’s trial still has not been determined. He faces multiple murder charges. He is expected to appear in court on September 5th 2018. Meanwhile, police are now interested in using these DNA testing services to go after other possible suspects in many other states. There is also a new revelation about these popular DNA testing companies that you may not know about. Recently, it was exposed that popular DNA-testing companies like Ancestry and 23andMe can and frequently do sell your data to drug makers. The pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline announced it was acquiring a $300 million stake in 23andMe, making that connection much more explicit. Spitting in a tube will now make you a drug target, meaning that DNA specific drugs could be made from analyzing your DNA. It also means that DNA specific diseases could also be synthesized from your DNA. If that news has you thinking about how your own genetic material is being used for research, know that though the DNA you submit to these services is ostensibly anonymized, leaks can happen, and privacy advocates note that such incidents could allow your data to find its way elsewhere, like in rogue genetic biological weapons laboratories. These companies are saying that you can opt out of the DNA sharing; however, it is a tricky process. The core service provided by most commercial genetic tests is built on the extraction of your DNA from your spit — that’s how you get the information about your health or ancestry. After registering your spit sample online with 23andMe, you will be asked whether you’d like your saliva to be stored or discarded. But you are not asked the same question about your raw genetic data, the DNA extracted from your spit.

Based on the wording of something called the “biobanking consent document,” it’s a bit unclear what happens to that raw DNA once you decide to have 23andMe either store or toss your spit. Here’s what it says: “By choosing to have 23andMe store either your saliva sample or DNA extracted from your saliva, you are consenting to having 23andMe and its contractor’s access and analyze your stored sample, using the same or more advanced technologies.” That leaves a bit of a gray area as far as what 23andMe has the ability to keep and how it can use your DNA information. If your spit or DNA sample is stored, the company can hold onto it for one to 10 years, unless they inform you otherwise. You can submit a request that the company discard your spit or close your account. But you have to read the fine print – and do some navigation to delete your DNA information. In the same way that we should be careful about who we give our social security numbers or fingerprints to, we should also be careful about who we purposefully give our DNA to. I understand that DNA sequencing offers lots of promise as personalized medicine becomes more attainable, and that online DNA sequencing companies have likely helped some people learn that they have certain genetic diseases. During the Golden State Killer investigation, police wrongly identified an innocent man as a suspect in the case based on his DNA. In March 2017, an Oregon City police officer, working with the California investigators, obtained a court order directing an ailing old man in an Oregon rest home to give up samples of his DNA.
The man’s daughter said his family was not aware that authorities took a DNA sample from him while he was lying in bed at the rehabilitation center until she was contacted by the FBI in April 2017 and asked to help expand the family’s genetic tree in the search for suspects. The woman, an amateur genealogist, cooperated, but ultimately investigators determined none of her relatives were viable suspects. The man was in poor health and could not stop them from taking a DNA sample. It must be noted that consumer DNA test results are inaccurate, roughly 40 percent of the time. The fact is, we don’t know how our genetic sequence will be used, who it will be accessed by, who will cross-reference it, or who it will be used to implicate now or many generations in the future. There have already been attempts to create DNA blood data bases through local hospitals. Many hospitals; however, were placed on notice that they had to notify patients of their blood drawing procedures. It has always been my theory that your blood is your marker that is used to know everything about you. It is the mark that unique to you and in the blood you have secrets that can be used against you. The primary component of blood is the key to your carbon life form reduced down into components of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. That is the human number; the number of man is the number 6. Buried deep within the United States code in title 42 is a section that is numbered 666 (cited, 42 USC 666) This is the code that establishes blood paternity and enforcement of child support. The code specifies how blood paternity is proven through genetic blood sampling and DNA in order to provide socialist welfare programs provided by the state.

Is this a coincidence? When you are looking for that 666 in the scientific dictatorship all you have to do is realize that it is your DNA that can be used and abused for nefarious purposes. If the blood component is used for biometrics and microchip identification you will see that this the next step in placing you as part of the technocratic system. It is a process that we have feared would happen and that we have seen in many science fiction stories. The elite will eventually have the power to re-write the genetic code of the planet. Once that is done the only thing left for them to do is harvest the ones who do not cooperate. We are all born equal in the endowment of the human spirit; however our DNA is something more in the equation. If we recall what the degenerate devils of our religious stories did – we can determine that from the beginning there were agents of chaos that tried to pollute the bloodline of man from God. From the time of the first creation, to the times of Noah, the blood line was to be contaminated by a degenerate vampire race. Some call them the fallen angels. If you want to survive in this Technocratic system, you have to accept it’s system, little-by-little. The technocracy is the Beast that controls increase, commerce, distribution of wealth, pain and all other things that we believe we have at our disposal at all times. In the future, much of what you will have will be determined by your economic and genetic propensity. Eugenics and Genomics directives will determine what you can buy, and sell. It will determine what you will do for work where you live, it also determines who you have sex with, and how and where you are going to die.
As the world moves further into economic chaos, eugenics, an old idea cloaked under modern terminology, is making a comeback. During these times, it is easy to see how resurgence and re-packaging of eugenics could come about. The bottom line is sustainability – and the technocracy would fully allow the collapse of your environment to blackmail you into accepting their proposals for DNA identification and distribution. All of these crises, from global warming, food shortages, and economic meltdown can pave the way for new eugenics programs that the American people will be forced to accept in order to buy, sell, trade or even live on this planet. The Mark of the Beast is evident – if you feed the beast, it will give you what you desire. And also, it’s estimated more than 12 million Americans have sent their DNA to be analyzed by companies like 23andMe and AncestryDNA. The data is then sometimes shared with or sold to third parties for use in medical research. Recently, 23andMe announced GlaxoSmithKline invested $300 million in their company for a “four-year collaboration” where the pharmaceutical company would use 23andMe’s data to develop drugs. Last week we discussed how valuable your DNA is and how third party exchanges should be investigated and how companies like Ancestry and 23 and me can use your DNA for drug targeting and for use in further lab studies. While the thought of your DNA being passed along to unknown labs is terrifying enough, you cannot ignore what a rogue lab can do with your blood, tissues or DNA information and how it can be used for genetic horrors and experiments that can be considered illegal.

In London, a “Real Bodies” exhibition at a museum is now under investigation because it has been discovered that many of the bodies obtained for the “Plastination” preserving process were Chinese citizens that were jailed for their religious beliefs. In an open letter sent to the British government, over 30 medical professionals, lawmakers, and activists called for the Real Bodies exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham to be shut down and investigated. The exhibition features 20 cadavers and over 200 organs sourced from China and is billed as an “educational experience with multi-layered narratives” by organizers Imagine Exhibitions. The bodies have been supplied by Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co. Ltd. and are preserved using plastination, which uses liquid silicone rubber to prevent decay. But the open letter, which is signed by prominent lawmaker Fiona Bruce, alleges that the bodies have no documentation to confirm their origin and are likely to have been sourced from prisoners of conscience. The letter said that investigations have shown that bodies from the Dalian plastination facility include political prisoners detained in the labor camp close to the facility. Many times these “real body” museum displays have claimed that the preserved bodies were given up willingly for the exhibit – now there is an investigation into just how willing the subjects were. This sends a horrifying message that there are people out there that are willing to carry out some pretty Naziesque procedures on humans all over the world.
DNA is a;so being used in dangerous radiation experiments. Genetic tinkering and the science of genetic enhancement is now common and the guardians of morality are concerned about the science. American’s understanding of what is happening is limited to the notion of man playing God and the consequences that come from horror stories that have not only been written as fiction but have become a reality with the memory of Nazi sciences. It is said that while we have believed all of this time that the horrors of Nazi experimentation have died, the harlot that gives birth to these acts of horror is still in heat, and the demon seed of human experimentation DNA, and organ harvesting are now the untouched stories that still haunt us in the 21st century. Following World War II, leading Nazi doctors were brought to justice before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Twenty doctors were charged with War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. The Nuremberg Trial of the doctors revealed evidence of sadistic human experiments conducted at the Dachau, Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen concentration camps. Since the Nuremberg Trials, our society have had to confront the reality that the Nazi doctors were guilty of premeditated murder masqueraded as research. Professional modern medicine has had little difficulty condemning the Nazi doctors as “evil men.” However, to this day, it’s unbelievable to think that human experiments continue – it is also unconscionable to even think that DNA harvesting, along with organs skin and other body parts are being used illegally for radiation and biological experimentation.

Since the discovery of ionizing radiation, a number of human radiation experiments have been performed to understand the effects of ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination on the human body, specifically with the element plutonium. The Soviet nuclear program involved human experiments on a large scale, including most notably, the Totskoye nuclear exercise of 1954 and the experiments conducted at the Semipalatinsk Test Site between 1949 to 1989. As of 1950, there were around 700,000 participants at different levels of the program, half of whom were Gulag prisoners used for radioactivity experiments, as well as the excavation of radioactive ores. Information about the scale, conditions and lethality of those involved in the program is still kept secret by the Russian government and the Rosatom agency. The United States, under the direction of several alphabet agencies and the Rockefeller Foundation, have conducted illegal experiments on humans in the past in order to document the effects of biological agents and radioactive material on the DNA of the subjects. The experiments include: the exposure of people to many chemical and biological weapons (including infection of people with deadly or debilitating diseases), human radiation experiments, injection of people with toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments like KX-338, interrogation and torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children, the sick, and mentally disabled individuals, often under the guise of “medical treatment”. In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor, racial minorities, or prisoners.
Funding for many of the experiments was provided by the United States government, especially the United States military, the Central Intelligence Agency, or private corporations involved with military activities. The human research programs were usually highly secretive, and in many cases, information about them was not released until many years after the studies had been performed. The ethical, professional, and legal implications of this in the United States medical and scientific community were quite significant, and led to many institutions and policies that attempted to ensure that future human subject research in the United States would be ethical and legal. Public outrage in the late 20th century over the discovery of government experiments on human subjects led to numerous congressional investigations and hearings, including the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission, both of 1975 and the 1994 Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, among others. According to a recent article in the Free Beacon, the U.S. government continues to perform highly-secretive experiments on human subjects, according to partial information about these continuing experiments released under a Freedom of Information Act request. At least 12 programs run by the Department of Energy are using human beings as part of the experiments, which operate under unusual names such as “Moose Drool,” “Little Workers,” and “Hidden Valley,” among others. An unclassified list of these experiments was provided to the Federation of American Scientists under a FOIA request and included in the organization’s latest newsletter.

Little information about the nature of these experiments was provided by the government, which lists the total number of participants in the programs at around 300. The Federation of American scientists have reviewed documents and have stated that “Human subjects research refers broadly to the collection of scientific data from human subjects. This could involve physical procedures that are performed on the subjects, or simply interviews and other forms of interaction with them.” It is also interesting to note that these experiments have been conducted by the Department of Energy. If you recall in the series, Stranger Things, it is the Department of Energy that conducts the experiments on children. The plot of the series is based on the real stories of the Department of Energy, then called, the Atomic Energy Commission conducting radiation experiments at the Camp Hero site in Montauk, New York, on children and other alleged experiments in portal travel and remote viewing. This project was a sister project to MK Ultra where human subjects were also subjected to illegal experiments of mind control. The one experiment that most closely resembles the things that were happening in Stranger Things is the Star Gate Project. Star Gate was just getting warmed up by 1983; it actually started in 1978 and went all the way to 1995. And it was established to see whether psychic phenomena could be used in military applications — this was a project conducted by the Army. The thought of human experiments continuing is not surprising, as it was revealed that medical and scientific data extracted from the Angel of Death himself, Josef Mengele, is now being used and referenced in medical research.
Many scholars are now discovering in reputable medical literature multiple references to Nazi experiments, or republished works of former SS doctors. These studies and references frequently bear no disclaimer as to how the data was obtained. In recent years several scientists who have sought to use the Nazi research have attracted and stirred widespread soul-searching about the social responsibility and potential abuses” of the data provided by these mad scientists like Josef Mengele. If the experiments were conducted in an unethical manner can the results be considered scientifically reliable? Is it ethical to open the wounds of one nightmare to suppress the nightmares of what may come? It has been revealed that the Federal Food and Drug Administration (who won’t officially confirm this) is pursuing criminal inquiries into an egregious case of medical experimentation – conducted illicitly in off-shore locations and in hotel rooms on American soil. The procedures under investigation were self-styled drug ‘trials’ – apparently a last-ditch effort by a university Professor of Microbiology, William Halford who, knowing he was dying from an incurable cancer, evidently threw both professional caution and ethics to the winds. He embarked hell-bent on a test-program for a herpes vaccine he’d invented, but for which he hadn’t gained FDA approval – a program that involved injecting it into human subjects. Halford died a year ago (June 2017) but not before he inflicted some still-resounding blows on the medical world’s ethical and regulatory framework. And he may have also inflicted adverse side-effects on at least some of his experimental subjects. Given the shady way he operated, though, it is difficult to find all his subjects and to accurately assess what medical damage he may have caused. Some of the few participants who have been successfully located say they have experienced distressing reactions.

The generally accepted medical science procedure is, in essence, to first conduct toxicity and safety tests on animals, and only then and only if the experimental results pass muster with the FDA, will researchers move on to human trials. This is clearly far from what Halford did. He may be dead but associates who worked with him could now be at risk of prosecution. More broadly, the case raises fundamental questions of scientific and medical ethics. A company he formed, Rational Vaccines, which is now under the investigators’ scrutiny, has declined to comment on the case, apart from saying it will cooperate with the federal inquiries, and is now adopting a more “classical” approach to product development. It has also shut down its website. One of the company’s biggest investors is Silicon Valley billionaire, Peter Thiel, who is also on board with a company called Ambrosia, which harvests the blood of young donors and gives it to aging people promising them youth. Rogue experiments happen and either human subjects are forced into drug trials because of poverty, females give up their eggs, men give up sperm, and unassuming people give up their DNA. Others who are even more desperate give up their health and their lives.
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