Rise of China (2)

Oct 12, 2018 7:26 AM CST Rise of China
MalfidusMalfidusAntwerp, Antwerpen Belgium6 Threads 98 Posts
Yesterday I saw a scaring French documentary about XI Jinping, the ultimate leader of China; He is a hybrid between Poetin and Trump.
He comes from a wealthy midclass family that lost its creditability during Mao and his communistic revolution. He saw how his father was tortured and humiliated publicly several times. This traumatised him as kid as he was that time. He became a mental survivor swore revenge!!
So he began a career in the communistic party of China.
Today he is the almighty Chinese leader for life who doesn't tolerate any criticism. Everyone who does will be eliminated (=disappearing).
He and Chinese communists have a longterm strategy to conquer the world with their ideology.
First by making the countries economically dependent and if they can't pay their debts then also a political control.
His device is " power can only exist by fear" . The fear for violence .
Today China takes over the power in South East Asia. Nor Japan, nor The USA or the surrounding countries dare to react strong by force!!
In Europe they own already the harbour from Pireaus (Greece) and the Airport of Toulouse (Fr)!! In Djibouti they installed their first military base!!
They take advantage of the European dissension - look what political problems the financial crisis caused! - to split up Europe again!! And it works!!! Greece and Hungary are the best examples. Also Portugal (socialist government) had to be stopped by EU for its credits from China.
The greedy Europe with his unpopular savings drove this countries in the hands of China and Russia!!
Now the populists and their facist idea's are again rising stars, this migth be a threat for the future.
In Africa China is conquering the continent by his credits and by building a infrastructure, the labour is done by foreign craftmen not natives. These are unreliable and lazy. The reality is they don’t wanna give or leave any penny for the people of Africa.
So the debts of the counties are rising and the power of China increases! If everthing goes by plan then China will be the most powerfull country in 2050!!
It might be possible but things could change fast. The problem is that nor Europe nor the US have a longterm political strategy Russia and the China do.
So .........wait and see.
Oct 12, 2018 9:23 AM CST Rise of China
European countries will soon be renamed: Glate Bliton, Flance, Scotrand, Ilish Repubric, Uklaine, Ruxemberg....just to name a fewcrying
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