Please make it be over.... (3)

Mar 13, 2019 3:53 PM CST Please make it be over....
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I'm off my tits bored with brexit, a fcuking idiots charter, voted for by idiots (and special interest groups), provided by idiots in Westminster and now "oh fcuk what have we done nowd" by the biggest bunch of self serving political numb nut parlimentarians in living memory... Christ knows what would happen if these fcuking morons were faced with a crisis of pant wetting proportions, like a world War or say global catastrophe, and the Labour lot are just a bunch of twats, happy to not have to be in the firing line....
Yeah look, I'm a gobshite who's perfectly happy living my life on the bottom rung, not bothering anybody, paying my way, but for fcuk sake, what's the story with the most risible British goverment in my lifetime... A truck load of swinging door anonymity, no character offering the slightest sign of backbone beyond a beleaguered Theresa May.... I might not be a fan of hers, but she's got more balls than the rest of her nappy soiling cabinet... Churchill would be spinning in his grave at the spineless ineptitude of it all...
Lets get brexit over before I slash my wrists with a butter knife...I'm actually at the point now where I don't fcuking care who gets hurt and fcuked over by this wankers charter, I just want done with it, so I can get on with the rest of my miserable European life...
Typically, I'm not setting this up as a talk shop, but if you want to comment, go ahead, and if I'm interested, or just want to have a sagging match, I might reply...
Vive, le common market....
Rant delivered....
Mar 13, 2019 4:00 PM CST Please make it be over....
I hope the Brexit will still be at the end of march. The sooner the better, and if it is a hard Brexit, it will cost the EU more than it will cost the UK.
Allready dutch pharmacies says they expect problems getting several uk-medicine.
The EU is a failure, leaded by megalomaniac people.
Let the Brexit be an overwhelming success for the UK, maybe in 2-3 years, and maybe then the Netherlands will follow.
Now we get all the crime and fraud out of Eastern Europe, when we didn't had open borders those crimes weren't possible.
And due to the fact that most of the western Europe countries have more money than eastern Europe, we're paying for them. How do they thank us? By criminal behaviour, people who work here always are drinking way to much and starting making problems etc.
It's time for the EU to do something against this, but they won't Leaving is the only option.
Mar 13, 2019 5:20 PM CST Please make it be over....
I've stopped following it.
Getting bogged down worrying about the outcome of other peoples stupidity seems pointless.
One of the bonuses of having no influence over it.

dunno dunno
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