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FF News: Covid 19 cases to APEX, says The Wolf of Wall Street? (1)

Apr 7, 2020 1:58 PM CST FF News: Covid 19 cases to APEX, says The Wolf of Wall Street?
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(13 April 2020—Bloomberg) The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Omar Abdulla says that

fewer and fewer cases are being reported from Covid 19 infected areas New York,

Wuhan, Lombardi and Gauteng in the last several days, which is offering some

confidence in the market.

“We are seeing a plateau in the deaths across these communities and hopefully we

could see some of the losses felt during the period being eased.’ elaborated, Pres.

of The United States, Mr. Donald Trump.

CNN reported that cases in The United States are seeing a slowing amid the mitigation

and isolation process but we still have to keep to our social distancing.

The White House task team Doctor Anthony Fauci deliberated that cases are falling

slowly, and that we should all remember the thousands of dead at this critical time.

“We are not saying that people will get to work within the end of April, but what we

are seeing is a slowdown in infections.’

President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa noted that cases in South Africa are

approaching 2500, after all South African’s were in a lockdown.

“I will be meeting with senior government officials to see if we can release the lockdown,

with strict curfews.’

However, The African Times reported that hundreds of Africans were still infected and

the mitigation processes still have to be kept in place.

“Africa has a very weak hospital structure, and if we have an outbreak similar to

Spain or The United States we could be in deep trouble. Let’s pray that our isolation

methods continue as we see more cases continue to drop.’

The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Footprints Filmworks, Bitcoin SA, Forex SA,

Instagram SA and South African airways says that perhaps it is the time to see a reversal in the

market, slowly buying South African shares and other shares in Europe and The United States.

“We will be looking at buying small amounts of these shares, and increasing our leverage and

buying as less cases are reported. We are eyeing shares into Eskom, China Mobile, South African

Airways and laying out more shares of The Omar Abdulla Group on the medium of individuals to


With cases showing a slight drop, market prices slowly recovering and more stimulus packages

being distributed we should remain slightly positive on the outlook for the next quarter, no withstanding that this pandemic could take as much as two years to recover to the prices

we were at.

“Oil looks like a good buy now, gasoline looks like a good buy now, and shares generally are a good

buy with good hedges into Gold and Silver.’ ended The Wall Street Journal.
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