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Just About Anything & Everything (22)

Mar 3, 2021 10:33 AM CST Just About Anything & Everything
Englishman3Englishman3Bayside, New York USA2 Posts
Good morning Rev Nessie.I have to say you look 55 and your profile is very appealing..For some unknown reason I could not contact you via email.God bless John
Mar 10, 2021 2:48 AM CST Just About Anything & Everything
moonmist2: Want all to know, however the time spent (6 yrs on this site) & determination of a good person...I found the right person for me. Even if I am much older, we have out history so similar it is uncanny. But so good. Don`t give up. Numbers don`t mean anything when there is a connection.
(And I am ordained since 2016) Rev. Nessie
Moonmist............Congratulations on finding someone who will make your remaining days more enjoyable and happy for both of you.

Sometimes I wonder what my purpose in life is supposed to be, and I came to the conclusion years ago, that it is to try to bring a little cheer into other people's lives. My being on here allows me to perhaps put a smile on someone's face after them reading one of my stupid posts, and if so, then my mission has been accomplished.

Best wishes to both of you and your future together. heart wings
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