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How this site service works - the Epiphany (6)

Jul 15, 2021 12:00 PM CST How this site service works - the Epiphany
ClintonSadeClintonSadeKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA13 Threads 2 Polls 27 Posts
Upon realizing it maybe true that the profile thing does not work. (some females have even stated it, on their profiles). Sort of like MTV when the Music Video killed the Pop Star. No matter how much effort or thought goes into it. (sadly) -

Putting your best foot forward representing yourself is a little more complex now than one might think. I'm beginning to see a pattern here and there as well. Most of the woman who clearly know this have been on here using this site service for quite sometime. -- It seems the trick is the PICTURE to cause a spark. I see woman get extremely creative with their photo ideas. Despite the very old photos on display next to the yester years photo (atleast they are showing their true selves).... So far I looked at several pictures around here so far. I get it now - how woman inject their Mass Appeal thru the use of the Headline!! Combined with a witty catchy phrase. Its has been both mind blowing and very clever reading what appears next attached to a pretty or cute face.

Recently someone caught my attention with the following " Sunny Side UP " So I like. yeah So I like. but Not like you think. I'm playing for keeps hoping to maybe marry again If I'm lucky.

HEY!! If you never had sun burn in your entire life you are not human! Simple stuff like that is cute on woman! Get you mind out of the gutter People. LoL
A woman with an awesome neckline is attractive to. (underline woman)

Then there can be some pictures which make you realize what is the meaning of a bucketlist? When I saw this one woman with what appears to be a flawless age of beauty. She was wearing glasses! Now it was something about her smile I could see myself falling for. She just was cute and kinda had me thinking about making out with those glasses on? She was dreamy like that... I'm being silly "if you laughed"

What was that? Perhaps some photoshop in there going on?? I dont know, Just saying.?

When a woman can make you think about those little things and the little details that can go un-noticed and un-appreciated around you. She can clearly be magical at times. I could continue this but I wont. I'm kinda glad for the sake of privacy that there is no search by Headlines here feature. But I wonder now? How would that work?? Is that what Tinder is all about? seriously?? Well I'm not really interested in that approach to finding someone special. I'm mainly looking for the connexion. A woman with depth and contrast and a touch of class.

Can We Talk -1991-TK. Those were the days - I wonder like where is Michael and Gloria now. Life was simple back then no clue about anything but a dream.
Jul 15, 2021 12:01 PM CST How this site service works - the Epiphany
ClintonSadeClintonSadeKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA13 Threads 2 Polls 27 Posts
On Second thought

Speaking of headlines... Paying attention looking at a woman like that -- With photos and a Headline that cuts above thru the surface on an intelectual level -- Can leave you like -- Battleship "2012". Do you have anything to say to me? Anything?
Like Liam Neeson. Projecting from a womans headline...

Some people can clearly act while others are just putting on the Ritz. Personally Yes I do like crackers with cheese and maybe_ just may be even have some with a bit of wine and fruit - once in a blue but never not by myself - I wont do that.. I find it interesting tho that, That is all it was in the way back time period right? If you don't know now you know.

Who! Who did that? - People! - Resposibility!
If I don't meet someone soon my perceptions of this website service is that Its just full of soft porn and attempts to out right blatenly be abrasive and abusive in a inhuman nature to new people playing head games. The dangling Caret Technique. Is this why this website is here? Is this Purpose?

This is a dating site right? Or a place to attempt to expose someone and discredit them?? When they know what floats their boat? Life is to short - How short ? Blink your eyes.

I'm interested in meeting a woman. I'm a one woman man type. I'm here with a preference to only meet and date women NOT men (underline men). Seems like I'm finding that some are here for something other. Who gets a joy out of tearing someone down or tearing something apart? You probably wouldn't last 6 seconds in a concrete jungle

Grown men acting like, well show em!
coming around our farm LoL
Making our vegetables and flowers thirsty for water.
Your turf? yes?

Some of you coming off like the type
that would make the wife (if you are lucky)
Want to work or roll out solo - Just to get away
from you. Displacing some of the unsatifactory
and uncertainty in the bedroom and also
looming over that relationship.

I'm no longer going to be responding
to anymore RANTS and Ridicule here.
I guess it's OK afterall this service is FREE..
People are free to be an a**-HOLE literally.

Acting out their traditional desires and true nature.
Like a moral virus it seems they are everywhere..
A moral compass gone wrong in the real world.
Theres a right way to do things and there is a wrong way to things

Someone using graphical images to belittle someone is
kinda fruity and really showing ones lack of intelligence to converse
briefly in real conversation actually saying something valid.
Despite having no real warrant for such behavior clearly coming off
like an online sect or cult of degenerates.
Jul 15, 2021 12:15 PM CST How this site service works - the Epiphany
bodleing2online today!
bodleing2online today!bodleing2Manchester, Greater Manchester, England UK52 Threads 4,991 Posts
Other than that, you're quite happy with CS?

Jul 15, 2021 12:19 PM CST How this site service works - the Epiphany
Lostedonline now!
Lostedonline now!LostedSherman, Texas USA1 Threads 850 Posts
That whole wall of text thing?

Yeah... I didn't read a word of it.
Jul 15, 2021 12:22 PM CST How this site service works - the Epiphany
ClintonSadeClintonSadeKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA13 Threads 2 Polls 27 Posts
Imagine me spelling really spelling Intellectual wrong?? any word but that...
and on purpose unbeknownst even?

I'm still not going judge anyone for using images both photoshoped or not, to communicate and convey a real sense of emotion. There are men like Loki and then there are men like THOR and everybody knows what the Hulk did to Loki.

Enough already. Don't make me angry you wont like me when I'm angry. Because honestly speaking It is really not an easy thing to do. I'm a lover not a fighter by nature.

Don't be a moron Cuz (Qote from Charlie Murphy)
You gotta be Dumb or Dirty (Quote from Alex Murphy aka Joel Kinnaman)
Take your pick this is not a trick.
Jul 15, 2021 12:40 PM CST How this site service works - the Epiphany
ClintonSadeClintonSadeKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania USA13 Threads 2 Polls 27 Posts
Someone here maybe upset that they did not succeeded in making me loose my hopes of one day meeting someone special and more importantly nor have I lost my real sense of humor. I'm not going to change my tune or POST because some fella's are comfy behind the computer poking fun at someone because they can? From the screen of their computer playing mental chess games. Maybe even at work on there so called JOB, that they some how got with a very limited vocabulary??

Besides I don't even think this service lets you even re-edit post? I'm not concerned with such inaccurate craziness. If that is what it is so be it - I'm not complaining Hey it is free. But what you see is def not really what you get. If you see an influx of random typos in what I write. You should not rally or waste to much attention on it move on. Theres nothing more to see.
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