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All date site are absolutely the same !! (3)

Jul 27, 2021 3:12 PM CST All date site are absolutely the same !!
I dont care if its a pay date site , or a free one like this , ( which i do really appreciate !) . There all the same in as , its all the pictures , profiles and FAKE users as it is here. now i know this isnt a revelation or anything and not even a surprise , but if any of you really have a heart and are partly human , doesn't it just discourage the hell out of you !!?? I wont lie , it really disappoints me for sure ! I only started 6 monthes ago on my travels in the hope of meeting a great women , and WOW .... i think ive seen every scam , heard every line of crap , all designed just to eventually ask me for money .... LOL !! So , yeah ... i thought i would vent a bit , and see if anyone else is feeling the same as i am.

yer rockin Metal head , Michael

head banger head banger
Jul 27, 2021 5:02 PM CST All date site are absolutely the same !!
Lostedonline now!
Lostedonline now!LostedSherman, Texas USA1 Threads 873 Posts
First day on the internet?
Jul 27, 2021 5:13 PM CST All date site are absolutely the same !!
Not really. One 26y old from usa (seemingly) just wrote a long one about how she would do things to my noble parts. I don't reply to that, just block and remove. Plenty of "girls" who is 25-32 who wants 40 and up, none of them is considered by me. I'm 50 by the way. Too pretty? -usually means it's a scam.
so .... try not to let them bait you.

Me with all my experience can almost always sort correctly.
Just don't be greedy cos that is what they hope for.

I have no problem finding real ones here.
Be aware; scammers love to say they from the USA.
Uncool for you naturally but real ones inbetween.
50/50 maybe in usa.
More real over here.

Good luck.
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