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Fraud? Conspiracy? Outrage? (2)

Sep 16, 2021 7:04 PM CST Fraud? Conspiracy? Outrage?
I know that every vote has yet to be counted in the California Governor Recall election. Given that the last few votes are still trickling in, the California voters have overwhelmingly voted to support Gavin Newsom with 63.8% of the vote rejecting the recall. What is more surprising in the election is the amount of people who identify as Republican has dropped from 35% to 24%. Those identifying as Democrat have increased from 45% to 46.5%.

So, what happened to the GOP? What happened to the Trump bump? What happened to anti-socialism and the party of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan? Democrats outnumber Republicans in California by a two to one margin. Clearly - those who argue voter fraud and ballot conspiracy theories really need to unravel the data.

I realize that the GOP is anti-science - but anti-math? It is time to stop the nonsense. Reality cannot be outside the rules of mathematics. Elections are local affairs; run by local and county officials and men and women from every community. Voter fraud, at the length and breadth that supports a statewide election result - or a national election - is virtually impossible. I will not tell you to believe what you want. That is ludicrous.

Election results have been accepted for 240 years as a way to settle competitions between political candidates at every level. Elections and voting are the basis for a free democratic society. Undermining that right by suppressing votes and denying access to voter polls is incredibly dishonest. Denying the results of an election is definitely a right by the candidate - until no data (do the math) supports the complaint.

It's not a crime to lose an election. It is a crime to claim you won when you clearly lost. Get over it. Move on and try again.
Sep 20, 2021 3:32 PM CST Fraud? Conspiracy? Outrage?
I was waiting breathlessly for a huge collection of protesters in Washington DC this weekend. I guess the 'Support Jan 6' crew failed to materialize. Maybe the 600 terrorists sitting in prison was a deterrent to those who thought they could overthrow the capitol a second time. Or, maybe DJT doesn't have the clout that he thinks he has. After all, is Mike Lyndell a credible source of anything except what to put inside a pillow? As the Trump flame is snuffed out, will people still send their hard earned money to an alleged 'billionaire'?
Pretty comical! You have to love the sheep who follow bullshit droppings in the carpet.
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