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Sep 26, 2021 4:43 PM CST Merch
OrzzzOrzzzPortage, Wisconsin USA86 Threads 8 Polls 742 Posts
I guess todays young are so tired out from gaming, they cant say the whole word..merchandise. Everywhere you look now, you tubers, gamers, stores, Mc D's, are selling merch. People have money to spend. And the government wants you to buy.
I would like to, but!frustrated The supply chain is broken. Laborers are in short supply. Manual labor is a four letter word now. WORK! Are you crazy?wow I want to do computer programing, game apps..sit on my butt and work when I feel like it and dont even talk to me unless I get $25 an hour, a month vacation, 4 day weeks, free health, 401K and a free lunch too. (Hello migrants!)
Corporate America doesnt help either. The next holiday is Halloween. Stores in my state have little to offer. Dollar Tree sends merch per sales. So a Cali store with high sales gets truck loads of stuff. The low sales stores in the mid-west dont see a tenth of what Dollar Tree offers.
Maybe I failed marketing 101, but seems to me the more you carry, the more you sell.dunno So if people hit your store the day stocking is done and wipe out the shelves...wouldn't that indicate to order more. Or re-order? Of course, these days, companies put orders in months in advance. And then ships pile up with no workers to unload.
But, high end stores sit with unsold stuff. Reason why..prices are out of sight. So they run sales. Then people learn to wait for sales. Finally the stuff ends up in a dumpster and written off their taxes.
Walmart here is also wiped out of Halloween stuff. But, they are putting up Christmas. wow It isn't even October yet!!!
When I grew up, we shopped catalog..Sears, Wards, Aldens, Pennys. The standing joke was they sent the catalogs out so far ahead, we should have been shopping for 2030!
Maybe the specialty stores have the answer. Christmas all the time, only stuff they sell year round. Nothing but stools. The yarn shop.
Somewhere sanity has to return. The third world nations, landfills and oceans cant handle any more disposable merch. I still have moms ornaments that she got from her mother. I can buy a couple new ones. But, not tossing the old ones.
I like the idea of right to repair. And stop stocking to old sales, stock to potential sales. Surprise..the midwest has money to spend. Stop cheating us.blues
Sep 27, 2021 11:39 AM CST Merch
LostedLostedSherman, Texas USA1 Threads 890 Posts
An early lesson I learned, is never
spend money to advertise someone
else's product.

Example: If McShitburger's wants
me to wear a t-shirt with their logo,
they'll give me top of the line, plus
PAY ME everytime I wear it.
Sep 27, 2021 1:27 PM CST Merch
PeKaatjePeKaatjeAnkeveen, North Holland Netherlands79 Threads 5 Polls 8,320 Posts
why would you buy merch from a store or internetservice?
Unless you change it a little, like hell in stead of Shell, McDollars, Nøke or Nuke instead of Nike (Nøke) sounds like neuken and is the dutch slang word for having seks.
Most merch stuff you don't need anyway, why buy something you don't need?
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