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No Surprise......They Got What They Deserved (4)

Nov 24, 2021 1:37 PM CST No Surprise......They Got What They Deserved
All three men have been found guilty in the murder of Ahmad Arbery who they targeted because he looked suspicious...because he jogged in the neighborhood...because he was looking around a construction site. The construction site had cameras but Ahmad was never seen stealing anything.

He was a black man and must have done something wrong Travis McMichael said when he was questioned. Travis killed Ahmad point with a shot gun. If you don't believe me there are several videos of the murder. Interestingly it was the third man who trapped Ahmad with his truck who took the video that sealed the conviction.

I watched this trial from day one to the day the jury were sent to deliberate the fate of these men. As I watched the judge read the verdict for each man I thought how stupid it was of these men to think that the Citizens Arrest law was going to save them.

With a Citizens Arrest you need to SEE the perpetrator actually do the felony. Interestingly the governor of Georgia has now repealed the Citizens Arrest law.
Nov 24, 2021 5:42 PM CST No Surprise......They Got What They Deserved

The idea that these bigoted guys thought they could stalk and kill this young man made my blood run cold.

My heart goes out to Arbery's family. What a terrible waste of a young life.

What I pray is that racist hearts can be changed and this kind of horror does not take place any longer.
Nov 24, 2021 7:08 PM CST No Surprise......They Got What They Deserved
Master_TrollMaster_TrollMcDonald's, Florida USA35 Threads 2 Polls 378 Posts
Nov 25, 2021 7:20 AM CST No Surprise......They Got What They Deserved
gonelikethewimdonline today!
gonelikethewimdonline today!gonelikethewimdOsprey, Florida USA2,463 Posts
I did not watch the trial..except for little snippets of it.

I became too emotionally invested in the Trayvon Martin trial about a decade ago, in Florida. A clear case of the murder of a black man...and, the jury found George Zimmerman, not guilty. The 911 calls of the teenager calling for help..and the family’s faces when Zimmerman was found not guilty, just spoke to me.

Hopefully, we as a nation, have learned to leave race out of the justice system.

The men in this case were racists...that is for sure.
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