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let there be glitter. (2)

Nov 27, 2021 7:38 PM CST let there be glitter.
OrzzzOrzzzPortage, Wisconsin USA100 Threads 8 Polls 806 Posts
As a near sighted kid who refused glasses..two things stuck out in my world. Bright colors like red and things that shone or glittered. That set me on the path to love colors like reds, purples and glitter. I live in a time of glory. Glitter is everywhere on everything. Rhinestones flourish. Paper with glitter, decor with glitter. and jars and jars of glitter.
So today I took silver glitter wrapping paper and covered a cardboard box. And the floor. And my pants. And the cat who just HAD to step in it. Apparently, the company didnt know how to adhere the glitter well.
I read up on glitter. How is it made. Found out it is foiled or colored plastic that is then shredded to tiny pieces. And that it is an environmental hazard.dunno I dont know that it can be that much worse than regular plastic that disintegrates in the oceans. And something called German glitter. And how to make it. So...I got a glass blue "gem" from a bag from Dollar Tree. Took in outside and wrapped it in heavy paper and got a hammer and smashed the daylights out of it. Checked and hit the bigger chunks. The surprise that I questioned is unlike broken glass with shards, it does crush to finer bits. I dont know that I want to rub it between fingers hard. But, can handle without slivers. Smash too much and back to sand. Now to smash some more and then try to glue to something and see how it looks.
But, I still go ape for that shiny silver and holographic glitter. Of course, crystal is cool. Saw a photo of a Mercades covered in rhinestones. Now THAT is MY kind of car.applause banana heart1
Dec 2, 2021 1:39 AM CST let there be glitter.
Master_TrollMaster_TrollMcDonald's, Florida USA35 Threads 2 Polls 378 Posts
Certain types and-or situations involving glitter need to be avoided. For instance when you see this;

Embedded image from another site

It is best to stay away from this sort of thing. Make them stand at least 6 feet away from you, preferably 12.
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