The economist cover magazine, Event 201 and Exercise Matika, and "Monkeypox".. (2)

May 22, 2022 3:05 PM CST The economist cover magazine, Event 201 and Exercise Matika, and "Monkeypox"..
The economist magazine has some "surprising" (very suspicious, isn't it?) ability to predict future events. We can learn about these predictions if we carefully analyze their cover magazines. Take, for example, the cover page of July 3rd "what if?" edition of 2021 - these "what if" editions of this magazine are nothing but some collections of the likely scenarios that the world might witness in the future.

Anyway, in this July 3rd edition of magazine cover page, you can see the image of a monkey with other images inside a circle of a watch as if the images are corresponding to the the individual hours from 1 to 12. Or we could also consider the images inside the circle as if they are corresponding to the consecutive months in a year from 1 to 12. Below is the image link for reference.

Embedded image from another site

Now, i am not actually going to explain the "predictions" that are associated with these images, one by one. But, just to give you some important hints here, the president of Haiti was brutally murdered on 7th of July, just 3 days after this edition of "what if?" magazine was published. And given how Haiti is consider to be a "banana republic", should we consider the image of banana on number 7 (also corresponding to the month of July) just a coincident?!

Now, let's talk about the image of a "monkey" that is sticking with the number 12 on very top of the circle. what this image tried to tell us? Was it trying to tell us that another impending world health disaster the form of "monkey-pox" was/is just around the corner!? But, before we answer this question, let's dig some more.

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May 22, 2022 3:26 PM CST The economist cover magazine, Event 201 and Exercise Matika, and "Monkeypox"..
Exercise "Mataika"

This exercise Mataika was organized as a simulation in sydney in the year of August 2018. In the same way, another simulation program, called "Event 201, was organized just 2 months before Corona virus hit us. Again, what a "coincident"?!

the subject of "Exercise Mataika" was small pox (or monkey pox) while "event 201" tried to deal with "virus" (read it as "corona virus"). Now, if you learn about that Mataika, it would surprise and scare and the hell out of you because it provided some meticulous details about how the monkey pox would spread and from where it (biological attack) would spread. Surprisingly, the exercise also predicted that this "biological" attack would hit mainly the western countries.

I think that I have provided enough information for everybody to judge and deduce a "smart" conclusion from them. May Allah protect us all.
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