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Oct 18, 2022 5:13 PM CST Campaign ads.
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I wonder how much good politicians and those who support them could do if all that ad money went to a good cause. Do ads really change anyones mind? It is all puff speak, baloney, lies, back stabbing and hype.
A says B did/didn't/does/wont. And B says the same about A.
Sentences are cherry picked to reflect a point the opponent wants people to think the person thinks. It is so blatant. A says he went to the store and saw prices that were not as high in one store as the other. B's ad says A said prices were not high.
Then you have saturation. After I have seen the same ad 25 times, I dont even "see" it anymore. The only way to judge a politician is by their record. Or a debate where the two candidates square off. With luck, they get each other riled and a truth may come out.
Not that it matters anyway since every politician elected changes horses mid-stream and forgets what they said prior.very mad
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