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May 14, 2023 2:41 PM CST Fav way to eat a?
OrzzzOrzzzPortage, Wisconsin USA105 Threads 8 Polls 798 Posts
People consume food in a favored way. The most talked of is Oreo cookies. And which way is right. I am a pull apart and eat white frosting first and end up with two chocolate wafers.
Some people eat like wolves and their only concern is shove it in as fast as they can. Do they even taste their food?
I have a chocolate bunny I am breaking pieces off and dunking in hot coffee. New idea to me thanks to stirring spoons.confused But, remember getting the bunnies for Easter. I had a specific task for them. Some were hollow, some solid. My system was first had to pop the eye off and eat that. Hard candy eyes. Then break off an ear. Then the other ear. Of course if it had ornaments of hard, those went first too. Then break off section. I shared some with mom cause dad always gave her these horrid fondant decorated eggs which we both loathed. Dad never got the hints.frustrated She would ask me for a piece of chocolate, which I was glad to share.
Then the condiments. Ketchup goes on fries and burgers. Mustard goes on pork sandwiches and horse radish on beef. Don't screw it up! Hellman's mayo only...Miracle whip good only for deviled eggs and mac salad.
Do not put anything on avocado nor shrimp. Both are perfect as nature made them. Only thing on shrimp is melted butter. comfort
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May 14, 2023 2:45 PM CST Fav way to eat a?
Friendship4everFriendship4everSan Bernardino, California USA2 Threads 1,356 Posts
Nice to read there are still traditional people amongst us.
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May 14, 2023 3:03 PM CST Fav way to eat a?
OrzzzOrzzzPortage, Wisconsin USA105 Threads 8 Polls 798 Posts
laugh My boarder brought home a Rubin from Abby's. I like them. Took a bite.confused He said that is Thousand Island dressing which is the correct recipe. NOOOOOOOOO! Corned beef get horseradish sauce. He looked it up and that is the original recipe. Well! I never had it that way. Next time tell them no Thousand Island on it.
New things, by the way. I took a trip way north once. To Door County. I see signs along the road. Pasties for sale ahead.confused dunno So there are so many burlesques and strip joints up here they have stands that sell pasties?uh oh I see a stand and stop. Ask, Guy laughed...paaa sties. Not pAAA sties. They are Cornish meat pies made with rutabaga, cabbage, taters and meat. Miners used to take them down below for lunch.wow doh Oops. I like them too.
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May 14, 2023 4:12 PM CST Fav way to eat a?
secretagent09secretagent09New Jersey Girl in, North Carolina USA197 Threads 4 Polls 7,219 Posts
How do you eat a slice of pizza?

Some eat it with a knife and fork.

If it's a good New York pizza I pick up the slice, fold it in half a little bit but not all the way and as I raise it to my mouth and bite off the end the oil is running down my arm. That's how to eat a slice of pizza.

It's not real pizza if the oil doesn't run down your arm.laugh
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May 15, 2023 6:29 PM CST Fav way to eat a?
laugh That's how I eat mines to Secret

I like ketchup and ranch on my fries
I like ranch and bbq sauce on my chicken
I don't like mustard on my burger, prefer mayonnaise and ketchup with all trimmings
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May 17, 2023 10:48 PM CST Fav way to eat a?
OrzzzOrzzzPortage, Wisconsin USA105 Threads 8 Polls 798 Posts
If pizza is fresh, crust is firm, then pick up and eat. Reheat in micro or frozen with lots more cheese, start with knife and fork until battle is won.laugh
Mayo and sour cream are the tops. I think I could eat wood chips if slathered with either. roll eyes
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