Prefaces dared to laid bare. (2)

Nov 28, 2023 6:08 PM CST Prefaces dared to laid bare.
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I was brought up to believe Alien Life did not exist and if you either did see one, or spoke openly about seeing one, you were treated for having a mental disorder, a mental illness, a mental disease, a mental breakdown, if not all four and more depending upon the seriousness of the alien encounter infraction. I was simultaneously brought up to accept a God exists but in contrast, those who claim to have seen God or to be in His good graces enough to warrant Him speaking to them or through them, are often revered and coveted with all sorts of good things. And not looked upon as crazy at all.
My opening line on one of my profiles, a blogging site masquerading as a dating site, reads: Believe in God, no. Believe in ET, know. I should add that the majority of those on that site accept the exact opposite when in fact they know nothing but rather accept at face value what they were taught to accept when they were too young to differentiate between fact and fiction. Not to mention, but I will anyway, full of trust in those bringing them up. I, for example, was no different. When what I was being told made zero logical sense to me, which took place around the age of 6 or 7, all I could ask myself was why would everyone around me lie to me?
The answer that could not escape me was, but there it is.
As for why they were all lying to me, there was not one reason. In that each maintained a modicum of free choice. Ultimately, I determined each had their own reason and reasoning for accepting what at some point many must have intellectually challenged but as religion knows, if you get them young enough, enough of what they drill into each young mind, stays regardless of any later intellectual rebellion.
The Big Bang theory, case in point. When every aspect of reality, with regards to life, centres about two halves combining to create a combination, why create a second theory after Creationism that is founded upon a variation of Creationism Singularity? Was it too difficult to ponder Reality as a Duality or was that likewise considered as pandering to religion’s doctrine of the physical and the afterlife?
Difference is, religion teaches reality as three tiered, if you count hell as being separate to heaven and heaven separate to the physical.
Much about this World has changed in my, what some might consider, short life time. Once, the Government prided its self on the mantra ‘separation of Church and State’. Now it seems every second day those with the upper most position in Government declare some form of allegiance to one particular faith or religion. Alternately, with the exception of those countries governed by religion, zero religions have to my knowledge declared some allegiance with a particular branch of Government.
Not certain my point in all this, perhaps I am merely thinking out loud or if you prefer thinking in print, but every so often I get representatives from one brand of religion knock on my door and ask me about the problems faced by those of this world before explaining to me religion is the only organisation on the planet with a plan and the ability to fix them.
I often look at them with pity in my eyes and offer some form of polite excuse because if I told them what I see, what they each refuse to look at, I am not sure where that might take them on their personal journey. Religion, in the form of the one true God, has ruled this planet since the time of the Pharaohs; more than 6,000 years; the most recent re-branding using an activation catalyst occurring about 2,000 years ago.
Governments only took over maybe 200 years ago.
If religion has the answer, why was the world not fixed during their 1800 years reign before Governments took over? If They know how to fix this world’s problems, why don’t they just do it. Why do they need me to believe their compiled story to enable them to do it?
Why do they need evangelists and missionaries gathering new believers and re-enforcing the beliefs of those... continued...
Nov 28, 2023 6:10 PM CST Prefaces dared to laid bare.
WrinkleyloveWrinkleyloveBordertown, South Australia Australia48 Threads 80 Posts
Why do they need evangelists and missionaries gathering new believers and re-enforcing the beliefs of those who might stray to question?
Why wasn’t the world fixed by them before handing over the reigns? Two hundred years ago.
Or is this all part of Their Plan? Lead to the brink of devastation, punt the ball and when everything really starts to hit the fan, as was inevitable from the point of separation, they can sit smugly in the back ground saying, it wasn’t us, while convincing those dejected and feeling powerless to believe a return to the prior 6,000 years before they punted, is the only thing that can save mankind.
I don’t accept they know how to fix it. If I knew how to fix it, I’d just do it. I wouldn’t claim what I can do relies upon you knowing. I do accept they have always had a plan in progress, or a progressing plan, to be there when what they spent the past 6,000 years setting up, eventuates.
What is that most highly coveted religious event? The Rapture. Isn’t that just a one word way of saying the death of the entire human race made pretty sounding by explaining the end result is eternity in Their definition of death?
And if my point of view offends, now you know how I feel every time I am forced to put up with the multitude of religious zealot inspired Parrots proverbially or literally knocking on my door to push on me any number of religion’s spiels. W.
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