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Dec 2, 2023 3:11 AM CST The Alien message
WrinkleyloveWrinkleyloveBordertown, South Australia Australia48 Threads 80 Posts
i am caught to believe Aliens wish to pass on some sort of message to us humans or so a growing number of contactees are a sprouting. I wouldn't know. In their specific case I don't know but i can imagine, not their experience but i have a pretty good imagination, some might say slightly over active imagination, me very early on.
the problem is the ones i imagined could not speak at all to me. Theay, the ones I imagined, came to me looking exactly like a Chubba Chub Alien Head Christmas gift i had long ago given my nephew for reasons i do not know why. The ones i imagined communicated between them selves although only one moved but not me. If creatures from a different world could depart this World before the Atomic Bombs can be fired, why would Theay need to send a message?
Are we still waiting for God to tell us what to do? Aliens aren't Gods.
Best theory i hold with regards to everything that is going on, real or imagined, Earth is Thear Zoo. And our military, just like so many times before, has decided to go to War with someone without Declaring it, sort of like a justifiable pre-emptive strike.
Thear Zoo, remember?
Sorry, in my imagination I swapped half of what I owned in exchange for equal exchange. sorry also, my imagination had more than one visiting species looking at us as we might look at Ants about a Nest. i know it is difficult for the human to think in plural other than in mating and coupling, but you might not like it when Theay work out you mans were at war with them without telling them.
To make it more interesting, in my imagination the Greays came with Empathy and not telepathy, which to me implies some type of telemetry and if not equality in language means and mode. I thought I'd make my encounter more real by thinking of Aliens outside the box. As Empath what occurs is more cerebral, sort of like floating a cloud down of voluntary, involuntary options. Sorry that is Thear definition of Empath or did you think an Alien species uses our dictionaries to define Thear means and ways?
So unfortunately in my imaginary encounter, which i entirely imagined because i have no way of imagining anyone elses, the only message that i know that was sent was go away, from me to them. Also strangely, i wasn't worried. i would have been worried if i woke in the middle of the night and three people stood in my room.
Sad when you fear your own species in a dredded way far more than a species from a distant Solar System or Realm.
Isn't it?
The Military of this World, to me, is like that scene in Blazing Saddles, where we are threatening them with blowing up ourselves unless they fight us to the death. It doesn't really give its self much choice.
The Aliens surrender. come get your prize.
That's as good as any message right? Just to be fair, i did surrender to 'someone' in what may or may not have been a cloud. then i flipped them off just to let them know Theay were still at war.
Or maybe the Aliens just surrendered to me and Theay are still looking for that War humans promised and threatened them with. Maybe. Can't couldn't see any Military looking at a potential enemy and not using threat and force to get their own way.
Maybe The Alien was just looking for a human willing to surrender in a way that The Alien could understand?
Or maybe The Aliens in the cloud, (cookoo, cookoo) the ones i imagined just had a good sense of humor like this, Theay Surrender. Now come get your prize. W
Dec 2, 2023 5:01 PM CST The Alien message
WrinkleyloveWrinkleyloveBordertown, South Australia Australia48 Threads 80 Posts
I thought i heard someone ask, if the ones I imagined could not speak to me how did i know, in my imagination, that Theay were surrendering to me?
Long before the church and religion decided that the only reason a human should be naked is to procreate within the sanctity of Their permission, a Warrior surrendering was required to do so naked to show, front and rear that they did not hold a concealed weapon.
it is my understanding that long before the American continent invasion War Chiefs of two tribes would also meet naked to discuss each other's terms of surrender before any type of fighting was commenced. Back then, they did it all backwards to the way it is done today. Before going to war their War Chiefs would ask their opponents if they wished to surrender before fighting had begun, not after a strategic justified pre-emptive strike.
Did the Military learn nothing from the Second World War? Or did they like the reasoning so much they could not wait to adopt it?
If i were the one who had suffered the justified strategic pre-emptive strike, in return i could either accept those terms of play or use mine own.
Either way, i would not fight back in a manner that my enemy might understand. Or is that just another way of saying terms of play initiated by the first aggressor?
No, you're right, the later implies a warning after a pre-emptive strike. I would probably only do that after the return attack, where the enemy's ability to fight back is neutralized in one easy action.
Then, of course, the opportunity to surrender has passed and to continue on, an open admission of defeat is required before a complete standing down and demilitarization is carried out publicly and completely.
This is why any civilized species or group, would, upon first encounter, either surrender first and see what might follow or request Thear opponent's surrender before declaring them an enemy.
But that's just me and in no way reflects the thoughts and feeling of this World's Military.
In answer to my very first question, those who visited me in my imagination were naked to show me Theay were not concealing any type of weapon and accordingly, were not a personal threat to me. W.
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