It’s all about perspective. AKA, My apologies JK. (1)

Dec 9, 2023 11:22 PM CST It’s all about perspective. AKA, My apologies JK.
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This might go over like a lead balloon with any Harry Potter fans but the way I see it, and yes I know how the final movie and most likely the book ends But…
Harry Potter did not win the day, Tom Riddle, Lord Valdy Mort did.
Here is how I see it.
Lord Valdy Mort held one objective, to kill Harry Potter, and he did. Simply because it did not stick does not make old Harry the victor. It was never Harry’s goal to kill Lord V. It may have been to steer clear of any further attempts but that’s not really the same as being pro-active or working on the offensive.
Indeed, as was explained by Harry’s recently dead Wizard Head Master in Harry’s imagined version of death, The London train Station, Lord Valdy Mort needed Harry to die in order to kill the final Crux or whatever JK named it.
The story goes that Harry’s recently dead Head Master knew all along that in order for Lord Valdy Mort to die, Harry had to die; in effect, kill that part Lord V Mort had transferred into / onto Harry when he first attempted to kill him as a baby.
My point is, if dead Head Master knew, it seems a no brainer that Lord Valdy Mort also knew. After all, he was supposedly more powerful and more knowledgeable than even the Head Master.
That decided, is it not logical to accept Lord Valdy Mort’s real goal then was to enable his own death and ultimately allow for his own demise? Which, without Harry giving up that part of Lord V’s ghost, was, the only possible way he could die.
To my eyes, killing Harry was the only means available to obtaining his own true goal, paving the way for his own death.
Which he achieved.
Harry’s goal was never to die and come back from the dead transfer train station but it was Tom Riddle’s goal to kill Harry Potter and logically, knowingly in doing so, allow for his own death which, without Harry’s death was literally impossible.
So, as I see it, Harry did not win, he survived. Tom Riddle achieved his life’s goal, to remove every obstacle he, along the road to becoming Lord V, had earlier set in place preventing him eternal rest and peace.
Just like everyone else who did Lord V’s bidding, Harry Potter was used the exact same way. Harry just did not know he was being manipulated to assist Tom Riddle achieve his one and only goal in life, which in the end, with Lord V’s death, Tom Riddle achieved.
Ipso facto, Tom Riddle, and his evil creation Lord V, won. Not Harry. W.
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