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Apr 12, 2024 3:01 PM CST Manifesting
Why haven't I manifested my person after all these years. I know people my age is having grandchildren; I haven't even gotten started on a family!
I deserve to be loved the way I desire and intended to be. So, my question to those who manifest their desired results, WTF, I should live the life of my dreams! I shouldn't have to lesson my standards due to those who do not have any moral or ethical standards.

Where is my person... sigh frustrated
Apr 12, 2024 5:42 PM CST Manifesting
so what are you manifesting into...caterpillar to butterfly----So what do you think you can offer. what are your talents. Are you being unrealistic in your expectations ? Ultimately what do yo bring to the table and a partnership in life ? Apart from being negative----Lo siento !
Apr 12, 2024 6:19 PM CST Manifesting
Beauty, you sound mad and what’s for some people may not be for you, maybe god got something else for you I don’t think manifest is the right word, some people have kids and some don’t or can’t have any, of course you deserved to be loved but not by anybody that don’t know how to love you back, just be careful what you wish for, ain’t everybody lovable
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