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Notice To The Wind ( Archived) (3)

Sep 23, 2007 4:31 PM CST Notice To The Wind
Galactic_bodhiGalactic_bodhiAkron, Ohio USA786 Threads 2 Polls 12,449 Posts
I’ll not be blown like a leaf
Suffering your whimsical grief.
Here nor there, a circular dare
Tempting, the powers that be.
You can push and shove
And show me no love,
But I remain like a cliff,
In your way, but adrift.

Flotsam and jestom,
The rejects of correction
Join in my insurrection
As I cast a boulder at Fate.
A giant of means can’t relate
To the dance of a warrior,
Dervish from dawn to dusk.
Another day, in many ways,
Older, yea, and finer than
A bottle of Dom Perignon.

Did she wonder at my audacity?
Did Mother Nature get nasty,
When her plans were thwarted
By an elf, who joyously cavorted
Naked in the cold winter sleet
What more can I do
to make Her wrath complete?

Poke Her with a sharpened stick
Bleed her dry, bloody pool thick
Take Her for a ride on the back
Of Her own wild, nightmare steed
And then to that beast Her feed.
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Sep 23, 2007 4:41 PM CST Notice To The Wind
constanzaconstanzaLA, California USA30 Threads 1 Polls 6,489 Posts
laugh applause applause applause
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Sep 23, 2007 4:44 PM CST Notice To The Wind
rwantinrwantinRoyal Oak, Michigan USA21 Threads 11,127 Posts
thumbs up dancing dancing
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