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Apr 11, 2008 4:03 PM CST From Our Friends at Homeland Security?
giapet2008giapet2008Park Ridge, Illinois USA1 Threads 1 Posts
The People (THAT'S US) OWN the government; yet the government seems to be slowly chipping away at the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Take a few moments out of your day to check out the following proposed bills in Congress: HR1959/S1955. Let me know how you feel about what you read and what you would do about it. If you have any trouble finding these bills on-line or at your public library, contact your local representatives. They should be willing to help. THAT'S WHAT WE (the Government) PAY THESE PEOPLE TO DO!!! Don't think because their names get in the papers, they drive better cars or live in better homes that they are above you. REMEMBER: THEY WORK FOR YOU!!!

Thomas Jefferson spoke so eloquently of a government formed for the good of the whole and supportive of individual rights. He warned us of the ever-encroaching threat of tyrrany and told us that if our government became tyrranical that we should disarm it and rebuild; so impassioned was he concerning our very basic rights of freedom (especially freedom of speech - and, now, it seems - thought)!

I want comments...lots of comments! I'm not looking for opinions which match my own. I want to know what you, the people, as individuals who currently enjoy individual freedoms (especially with regard to thought, speech & assembly) think about what our government is proposing!!!

I, for one, am outraged by what I've read. I will not be silenced for having thoughts or opinions which may be construed as being in opposition to the government's agenda.

I ran for state-wide office in '96 & '97. According to the language of these bills, merely running for political office on a platform that conveys political reform could land you in jail for being a suspected 'Domestic Terrorist'! Unbelievable!!!
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Apr 12, 2008 10:40 AM CST From Our Friends at Homeland Security?
tampa1tampa1London, Ontario Canada56 Threads 3,057 Posts
Well at least that is the way it is supposed to work, but the days of politician's working for the people I am afraid is a thing of the past. It seems that everyone of them has some sort of self serving agenda, and if you don't ,you will ne run out of office faster than you got there.

By instilling fear in people they maintain control, remember in their minds we are all victims of some sort and need protection that only they can offer.

I don't know why anyone would want to run for office in this day and age. But I guess that's another story.
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Apr 17, 2008 9:07 AM CST From Our Friends at Homeland Security?
HealthyLivingHealthyLivingSomewhere In, Tennessee USA527 Threads 2 Polls 4,775 Posts
This is an Excellent thread!!!

It makes me sick to see that there have been no responses to it!!!
I suppose the Fear tactics are working on the sheeple.
I have read up on HR1959/S1955 and they are not good for We the People.
No one wants to stick together anymore. People have become complacent and passive.
They are afraid of going to jail for being a Terrorist if they speak out.
Our Representatives actually send out letters in response to our requests, stating that they know more about it than we do, thus they are voting against our request cos we dont know what is going on.
When it seems like a no win situation, people give up easily.

And I suppose Tyranny is not a crime????

Strange "twist" in our government.
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Apr 17, 2008 10:03 AM CST From Our Friends at Homeland Security?
Ambrose2007Ambrose2007BFE, South Dakota USA67 Threads 10 Polls 8,881 Posts
I think the basic problem with Americans now is that since most of them are still enjoying a fairly high standard of living they find it next to impossible to take seriously the accelerated erosion of basic freedoms/rights that we've witnessed under Bush administration. At this point these erosions are rather abstract for most people; they don't yet see (or are aware of) the practical consequences of the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act. To the extent that American citizens are even aware of the minutiae of these acts, they see them as applying to someone else - they don't perceive the potential of the more draconian aspects of this kind of legislation applying to them or those they love.

It's rather a case of "I didn't protest when they came to take my neighbor away...I said nothing when they took my other neighbor away...but when they came to take me away, it was too late."

So I expect that the majority of Americans will sit idly by with their heads in the sand until the moment a strong hand grasps the back of their necks and yanks them up into the light of a new dystopian day.

These people deserve the government they're going to get. I just wish there was some way I - and the people I love - could avoid the fruits of their ignorance and apathy.
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Apr 19, 2008 12:05 PM CST From Our Friends at Homeland Security?
StressFreeStressFreesmall city, Kalmar Sweden176 Threads 16 Polls 8,986 Posts
I'm glad I moved to Sweden...that is all. There is a very bad wind blowing through America right now, and the world has already suffered economically.
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Apr 19, 2008 2:08 PM CST From Our Friends at Homeland Security?
chimikechimikeChicago, Illinois USA3 Threads 67 Posts
I couldn't find reference to these bills on the congressional site either, but don't doubt something like this exists. Basically, there are too many people who take what they're fed, they think to question the government is unpatriotic, a slap at our servicemen, whatever. And of course this is just what the they've been taught in the past 7 years. That's why this election is so important....not saying things will be perfect with a new administration, but a change of course is imperative.
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